I keep you at bay. At arms length. Why I don’t know. I guess I have become something. Someone. And that makes me afraid to let you in. But at the same time I think the success I’ve had comes from being true to who I am, so why in hell can’t I be that guy anymore? I want to get back to where I once was, where I was comfortable with sharing stuff, without worrying about losing clients or “fans”. I am who I am and you know what, I’m pretty ok with who I’ve turned out to be. So yeah, maybe it ‘s time to stop pretending, stop posting once every six weeks, maybe it’s time for you to get a direct feed into my brain. Maybe. Because I don’t like feeding you just the fancy stuff, ok? Are you ok with that?

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  1. I love all the weddings u have been to and ur work is just amazing i wish i could afford u .. this wedding made me cry .. a beautiful story

  2. Jonas .. can i also say – I would be sooooo proud, honored and a very lucky girl if i landed you as my photographer … sadly but kinda not so, myy adorable man and I married 20 Dec’1986, we are still very much in L O V E today, very happily married, but our photos were horrible .. and when i peruse through your photo shoots, i L O V E how your Art portrays LOVE of the Bride & Groom to each other .. WOWWW factor.

    I especially Loved your blog with the wedding shoot above … in Italy .. thankyou that you included that write .. Impressive Jonas .. xx You are Myyyy Faaaavourite of Aaaall.

  3. I personally would have a better feeling about you if you opened up a bit. I follow you because of your talent, but your aloofness has never made me follow you for your personality- which comes across as indifferent and unfriendly. You definitely show a strong connection and concern for your clients, so I’m sure you’re must be more personable in person. However, I can see how you might actually be contributing to what you say you’re worried about- losing clients. I pointed your work out to many friends and family showing them what my “dream” photography looked like- but I chose to work with someone who felt more attainable, who made it clear working with me would make them happy too. It was more important for me to feel comfortable with my photographer, and not intimidated. You tend to come across like you’re a star who wouldn’t be interested in taking on a client without a second home in Italy or an exotic love story in Bali. Maybe that’s okay with you- as I am definitely aware a love story in Bali is much more interesting than another backyard wedding in your hometown, and photographers should work with those who inspire them. Anyway, I just thought I’d be open and upfront with you, too. Opening up would only bring more great things for you.

  4. I’m probably the gazillionth person to say this, but I’m okay with it too! I love when photographers share bits of their life and thoughts in addition to their work. It makes me feel like I know them a little more – as much as I can know someone I’ve never actually met! Our personalities definitely shine through in images we take, but it’s nice to have words to go along with them. And when I get married someday, I know I’ll be more drawn to hire someone who has an honest and personal approach to their online presence. I struggle in my own blogging – I need to start carrying around a notebook, because once I sit down to actually type up a post, all the words fly out of my head! I admire people who are excellent writers as well as photographers. Can’t wait to read what you have in store for us! I’ve always been a fan of yours.

  5. I’m more than okay with that. You’re real and so are your images – and this is why I follow you, your my favorite wedding photographer, and why I get bummed when you’re quiet for so long. Congrats on “being someone” but to a lot of us, you were always something.

  6. More than happy with that, those who are here are here for your spirit and the way you make us feel, you don’t need to worry about ‘entertaining’ us, we are all bigger than that.

  7. Haha Keith… that made me smile. I love your photos Jonas, but I cringe at how much people worship you. I think you should too.

  8. I think your realness and rawness is what is great about you. I would say that we probably don’t agree on different things, but that doesn’t matter – you baring your soul honestly sets you apart from many others.

  9. Jamen JA! Självklart! Jag saknar sättet du skrev på back in the days när du köpte anktavlor på fyllan och fotade gränder!

  10. Hey, I have never commented on a blog before but if it leads to you sharing your stunning photos with the world, I’m happy this is my first.

  11. I understand this sentiment through and through. We all want to be loved so badly and that makes us afraid of not being loved anymore once we are. I look at work by the Parsons and I can see they work from a place of pure love and seemingly no fear. Wouldn’t we all love to be there. Be inspired & proceed bravely friend!

  12. JA! Saknar att kunna klicka in här på sidan och nästan varje gång se nya bilder. Snälla dela med dig av allt det vackra som du gjorde förut! (men känns ingen press :) )

  13. Definitely alright with that, you’re helping me learn on how to be human. Would love to see more!

  14. OH YEAH WE ARE!! Let us in! I think you are unique and being fully you, you will only get more people to like you. Because we are drown to uniqness!!! Make us happy! Open your art to us!

  15. I have the same problem Jonas. I often have to think twice before posting facebook statuses that my clients could potentially find controversial or problematic. It’s starting to get to me as well.

  16. Yes Jonas, I’m ok with that. Been waiting for that moment for a long time. I love to see your best work, but prefer to see the “everyday Jonas”, talking about the real moments of your life. Welcome back!

  17. You betcha Jonas.
    Give us your stream of consciousness and don’t give it a second thought.
    It matters not what people make of you anyway.
    You are you.
    I am me.
    You don’t need to wear a different hat for us.
    Be yourself man.
    It suits you.
    Write more, think less.

  18. I think it would be a great idea to show to others your true self. Personally I think it will make you appear more ‘real’ for want of a better word…which I totally think will only help you to connect further with your fans and clients :).

  19. Absolutely Jonas, speak the words that need to be spoken. We, your followers, your fans, your clients, your colleagues love you and your work for who you are and for the way it makes us feel. Your imagery is so special but what makes it real is the person behind it. So please do share more of you xx

  20. I think people will like what ever you do! The only real way people can get to know the real you is if they know you! I can’t use words in the same way you do but you have taught me that I needed to find my own photographic voice. Hopefully through that I can create something people can connect with. Outside of that I can’t control anything maybe just have some influence.

  21. Life isn’t perfect or fancy …it’s authentic and real and that’s something we should all aim to be.

  22. Yesterday I found myself explaining not what I do, but why I think it’s ‘relevant’ or ‘of value’. Listening to myself I realised that I sounded like a blog post, or a tweet, or something that would be acceptable as a contribution, but glossing over the real reason(s) why I need to engage in [wedding] photography. It’s like I’m bored of being honest! That’s how it sometimes feels, anyway… back to centre – refocus. This stuff needs to be said, Jonas, so I’m OK with it. Let’s see some of the workings out.

  23. Well it’s a monday morning in Manchester UK, my head is cloudy from the weekends partying but there’s a small clear space in their somewhere that lets me know for certain your work inspires me like no other!!

    Thanks for the Joy!!


  24. Men å Jonas, bara gör! Så jävla skönt med något äkta ibland alla posörer och ytligheter. Befriande om du frågar mig. Du är DU liksom och det kan du ju aldrig losa på!


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