In a city with no name

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  1. Although all your work is striking… something is particularly good about this set. It was the first of about 20 posts I just scrolled through that I actually backpedaled to stare at again. Beautiful work. Is that a tornado building up?

  2. I found you site and I am checking it out everyday! Thanks to make me addicted to you fantastic work! Keep it up! Greetings from Germany Wim.

  3. LOVE the city scape shot. Amamzing. I would totally rock that as a wall mount. Love the shadows in these images yet the over all picture is light. Great contrast.

  4. love the colours. strangely i find that the photos you took of the back of people’s heads adds such character to the collection of street shots.

  5. i looove these pictures, i’ve done so since i first saw them, i think it was on silverfisken, you’re amazing jonas!

  6. The stormy city image… should have had a solo slot in the post. And maybe the green dumpster. Just a thought. It’s all quite beautiful, no matter the layout. Thank you.

  7. Okay, I’m a huge fan of your work and regularly follow your blog; but there is something different about this recent post. A different depth. It’s almost like you broke through a barrier to reach a new level. It’s hard to explain. All that to say that I’m a huge fan and love your work but these most recent images have a different edge to them. Well played Jonas, well played. ~ Cheers

  8. Amazing shots! I love the journeys you take me on with every one of your engagements. Thanks for sharing them with us Jonas.

  9. feels like a little journey of chasing the light. such a quiet magical feel in each one. so very wonderful!

  10. I remember some of these from when I first came across your work on Flickr. I liked them then and maybe I like them a little bit more now.


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