ken & lauren

Ken and Lauren invited their friends and family to a proper bush dance. It got a little crazy.

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  1. Magical!! It is just amazing how you get to capture those beautiful stylish weddings. And honestly I dont think there’s a lot of photographers out there who would be able to capture it like you do. Those weddings really deserve a photographer with an exceptional sense for details.

  2. Vilken underbar min han har killen som kramar bruden. Fantastisk ögonblicksbild. Och vilka otroliga bilder du har tagit. Igen. Makalöst.

  3. Många försöker härma dig, men ingen lyckas, för du är bara så himla bäst! Det blev mycket glada bilder den här gången! Leaping Lizard lyckades tydligen med att hålla igång festen;)

  4. These are a little bit special. Every single shot adds just that little something extra. Bravo!

  5. Beautifully captured JP! I watched this slideshow the other night, and man, is your work inspiring! Thanks for sharing your creative vision! ;-)

  6. I allmost cried when I saw this montage!!
    Sorry for my bad english but I will try!!
    So genuin and real!! I could`t ask for more for my wedding… It´s absolutley wonderful!!!
    I love the dress, and the picture when the bride get´s dressed!!! It´s spectacular!! I just dream about such muscular back!!! Such a wonderful foto!!
    And off course I would die to be at the party afterwards…
    Just lovely!!!

  7. Every time I look through one of your weddings I learn so much. These are all way killer but the shot of both of them getting ready adds so much to the story. Priceless.

  8. beautifully captured. i absolutely love the authenticity of your images. the couple must be thrilled – looks like an amazingly fun wedding…and i lover the bride’s dress.


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