no longer helpless

Whenever a natural disaster occurs somewhere in the world, I can’t help feeling helpless. And that’s of course laziness talking. There’s always something we can do and even the smallest things count.

Well, I’m a part of a small online community of photographers called Switchcities.

We have decided to try and help out somehow.

And this is where you come in.

We have posted a number of exclusive prints here and all the proceeds are going to Haiti through different charities. The whole thing is set up like an auction. Or a number of them, really. You find an image you like and place a bid on it. You can bid as much or as little as you feel you can afford. Not only is a great chance to buy some great photography, you will also be doing something for the people suffering in Haiti this very minute.

There are 18 different images to bid on. Here’s mine. It has never been printed before so the print is exclusive. Please place a bid on it or one of the others.

You are no longer helpless.

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  1. This is awesome – thanks for your effort. Just bought a painting from Joe Iurato in a similar project.

    I hope everybody is spreading the word – keep us updated on the progress.

    Cheers, Florian


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