Looking ahead

It’s a strange life this. I know pretty much exactly what I’m doing for the next 12 months, where I’m going, when I’m having time off and when I have to hustle. It’s strange and exciting at the same time. I know what I have to do, now it’s all about actually doing it. I still have room to book more weddings, but what I already know is mind-boggling as it is. I’m working on a summary of 2011 this morning, but here’s to looking forward. Here’s to 2012.

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  1. Jonas I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings and to see your work. You are an inspiration to so many xxx May the love and happiness flow!

  2. I keep on staring at this shot- I can’t figure it out. From what perspective was this taken? The trees look like they were shot from the ground looking upwards, but the couple is straight…

  3. Håller med!!! Ser med spänning fram mot alla bilder du kommer skapa under 2012 & hoppas givetvis på att du kommer tillbaka för en bejublad föreläsning igen – eller varför inte en workshop??? Jag är i så fall första kvinna att anmäla mig :-) Allt gott Jonas!

  4. sheesh… breathtaking… it causes me to sigh…
    we’re doing year end wrap ups? Already? lol… Here’s to another awe inspiring year in 2012.

  5. Thanks Jonas for your superb images this whole 2011.
    I hope u will do excel in this coming 2012 & ur art keep inspiring me…VERY GOOD LUCK IN 2012

  6. Thanks for updating so often. I really enjoy coming to your site and seeing your new work, but maybe more so with your writing. I am incredibly inspired by your work and attitude toward photography. Please keep doing what you do! :)

  7. Jonas remember to keep family first in all the plans for the coming year. Does boys will be men in a blinking of an eye. My wife and I the other day we were looking at a pic of our youngest son when he was 3 now at 16 and 6’3 we miss the little boy that he was. Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Phenomenal image. You’re obviously a lot better organised than I am but I’m getting super-excited about the possibilities of 2012 as well. Congratulations on a year of superb image-creating. You’ve inspired me to be true to myself in 2012. x

  9. Thankyou for being such an amazing
    Influence and mentor to my friend Shane.
    Twig and Grace loves your art .. and you
    Can see our fb page noosa weddings by
    Twig and grace to view ours. Big love and
    Have a fab 2012 ,
    Dezley Hughes


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