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When Matt and Angie met at the Glastonbury Festival it was love at first sight. Only one problem; Matt had just moved from the UK to sunny Australia. Six months later Angie followed her heart and joined Matt down under. When they decided to get married they found themselves in a bit of a pickle. They needed a spot somewhere in between the UK and Australia, so that family and friends, both old and new, would be able to join them on their big day.

The answer was Bali.

On the day the 38 guests joined Matt & Angie at Villa Pemutih in Bingin. Overlooking the Indian Ocean – and with monkeys in the trees – we all experienced a very special day. Angie wore a vintage 1950’s dress she found in London, the girls got their stunning purple dresses made after they arrived in Bali and the boys looked equally dapper in grey and blue. Everything had a local touch, even the welcome drinks tasted of Bali with ginger and lemongrass keeping people cool in the tropic sun.

Both Matt and Angie are in to yoga, Angie even teaches classes in Sydney. The ceremony even started with all the guest doing a two minute “om” together with their eyes closed. It was also the first time I’ve seen a groom standing on his head in the bathroom while the guests were arriving outside and it still made perfect sense.

In fact, most things made perfect sense, during the speeches groomsmen and bridesmaids shared photos and clips from both their lives on a huge screen. It was truly fantastic.

Come to think of it, everything was perfect.


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  1. simply beautiful … i love the picture where they are sitting just the two of them and you can only see the back of them.

  2. Amazing work Jonas! I’m so impressed by your photos – they are great; inspiring, personal and so alive!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding. I really love your work – it’s simple and beautiful.

  4. Gosh what I love these pics! I’m just wondering how my own wedding later on will look like if you’re not there and can take some shot.. Keep up with what you’re doing! :) Love

  5. the picture with the bride and groom with their eyes closed! L O V E IT!!! feel like crying!

  6. Perfection is the word. I want it all.. the love, the wedding, the dress, the photographer, the inspiration and the talent.. Just wonderful

  7. Unbelievable! You are truly a great photographer.
    Getting married in thongs, respect.

  8. WOW! Fantastic! You make the people in the photos come alive and it makes me feel like I was there! Beautiful!

  9. wow. breathtaking. you make me wanna get married again just to get you to take our weddingpics. You have a gift, and you use it well.

  10. One word…AMAZING!

    I love your work. If I ever get married I want you to be the photographer. Your work is stunning! I want to see more! `=)

    Love Mia

  11. Truly amazing pics Jonas and they looked so very happy!! :) If I ever get married thats how I wanna look at my wedding pics and I´ll def try and get you as my wedding photographer…wherever the wedding will take place.. most likely Sweden, but you´ll never know ey?! ;)

  12. I’ve followed your (text) blog for a couple of years now.
    and kept an especially sharp eye out for your photography work,
    so now I have to say. you’ve really made sure that the way you tell stories translates into film. you should be proud of that, because you’re exceptional at both. if I ever get married I hope you’ll still be around for this kind of work.

  13. OMG – these photos makes you want to get married all over again! AND of course, go out and practise my photography. Wonderful inspiration!

    You have an amazing ‘bildöga’ – keep up the good work, you are very talented!

  14. Whoa! Love Angie’s eyes and the contrast between them and her hair, pic “42”. Love the centrepieces in “58”. LOVE “84”, amazingly cute. Love the atmosphere in “90” and “105”. – All of it, as usual, brilliantly captured by you, Jonas! (You’re kind of spoiling us here!)

  15. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous couple and amazing photos, I’m sure the bride and groom are going to love these shots.

  16. Wow, incredible!! The one that really stands out to me (other than the shots that show the amazing location!!) is the one of the bride and groom sitting, holding hands, with their backs showing. Absolutely love the feel to that photo!

  17. Jonas – once again you’ve got a great eye/view of the world mate. Keep the shots coming mate.

  18. Wow. Amazing work Jonas, everything about it was captured perfectly…I can’t imagine how happy this couple will be to see these! Loved the yoga shots!


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