{mikey & felicity} ~ wedding ~ melbourne

March 23, 2011

I wanted to write something longwinded about this wedding, because this is me, this is what I do, these are my friends and the images mean a lot to me. But maybe I don’t need to explain too much. Mikey and Felicity got married at the back of their house with family, kids, friends and dogs around them. The portraits are taken just outside their house.



This blog is highly informatics, crisp and clear.

Man! I love this set!

You have some luring thoughts on this matter and I took pleasure in combing over {mikey & felicity} ~ wedding ~ melbourne | Brisbane Wedding Photographer | Jonas Peterson | Australia | International very much. After finding your site on Digg, I have included it in my bookmarks in order to share it with coworkers.

Dina bilder har en vacker själ.
Mycket inspirerade fotografier! Du har ett väldigt befriande och kreativt förhållningssätt till att fotografera bröllop, något som annars väldigt lätt sätts synonymt med idéen om perfektion. Tack Jonas för att du delar med dig till sådana som jag, som av ren tur snubblar in på din sida. Fortsätt inspirera din omgivning! //linda

totally in love with the look of this weeding and it was probably “simple looking” to some. I guess you’re beautiful photography makes the photos look beautiful. Anything you shoot looks beautiful.

Stunning work time & again !

Great shots Jonas.. looks like an awesome wedding.

Beautiful wedding! Cute photos! Great photographer!

What a lovely, lovely event! Your photos made me wish that I was there!

And that bride… what a gorgeous bride. What a gorgeous couple! <3

You just seem to shoot the coolest weddings… any wedding involving dogs gets my vote!

marvellous, fantastiskt, underbart. dina bilder berör, som alltid, som bara dina bilder gör.

simple raw goodness. storytelling at it’s finest.

Man I love your simple, but elegant style. Great work.

yee haw, mr jonas. i give you 12 gold stars. fabuloso. :)

This such a beautiful set of photographs! These really feel so personal. Love, love love!

Mikey & Fel……….. Jonas your photos have tickled me from the inside, Just Beautiful! Adds colour to the soul!

Wow, that light is unmistakably Melbourne, as is the celebrant who pops up at a lot of my weddings.
The shots during the speeches are divine Jonas. And people in the ice buckets!!! Classic.

Fantastic!-looked like a lot of fun…when it’s that much fun is it work?

Had me smiling through the whole post. Niceness.

Home is where the heart is and it’s beating big and bold here.

UN…BEE…LEAVE…ABLE! WOW! Had me in chills and tears. I want you to come and photograph my life!

yet more reasons as to why I put your name in the “who’s your favorite photographer” section of the RPL order form…. great set, man. Dig the song, too.

Sooooo beautiful. Both the portraits and all the moments. Best work yet, Jonas? I think so. You keep outdoing yourself, which is not an easy feat.

Exquisite work man… That’s a wedding that I would’ve loved to have been at.

These are just lovely – you can feel how much you care about this couple.

Story telling at it’s best. Love it man.

Wow!! Great Job, amazing!

I keep coming back to view these pictures over and over. I still can’t wrap my head around how awesome they are. Damn, I can’t explain how great your work is. So honest, understaded and real.

Gorgeous colors. It’s so charming. Great job, Jonas.

Can I just say this made me laugh, then cry, then laugh, then cry and laugh again whilst viewing. Truly amazing & simply gorgeous – all of it. Just so sad I wasn’t there to partake in all the wonder & beauty of the day. But so special to see it all come to life before my eyes.

slammin, man. the whole collection is off the wall. great moments.

Great photos! The groom so reminds me of Matt Berninger, the lead singer of The National, he could be his twin!

This is very personal. Love it!

So cool! these images made me smile, interesting no B&W’s in this set, love the colours!

goes to show that location & crazy fluff is backseat to light, emotion, moment and talent

Mikey and I are totally blessed to have this and to have such a talented friend in Jonas and his gorgeous partner, Jacqui – special kisses to you and your boys.

it is obvious that this was an incredibly special wedding for you. thank you for sharing, they are beautiful.

oh my, i love that cake. i love your photo’s and i love that cake!

love this wedding man, the getting ready frames are money.

Amazing…I’ve never seen a backyard wedding before. These pictures rock, I felt like I was there. You are a masterful storyteller.

Really really love the sliver of light portraits against that fence. Great job, man.

Shot 290 is so good Jonas. But that’s like pointing out your favorite tropical fish, they’re all beautiful.

I love these photos and I’m dying to know what album you have playing on this post. It’s amazing!

Photography at its finest.

Så himla fint. På alla sätt möjliga.

beautious. you are a gifted storyteller jonas and your friends must be thrilled to have you be a part of their day.

That’s just a perfect wedding day!

Mate, you continue to amaze me…Simply stunning…

hell yeah in every single way, understated but darn cool full of personality. love it

ummm, this is just amazing.

No rubbish here. True story.