My boys

January 24, 2011



This is what photography is about to me. A memory that will mean something to me and the people around me for years to come. It’s simple and straightforward, but it’s more powerful than anything “created” by a hotshot photographer with an agenda his clients won’t understand.

Sure, I’m biased, these are my boys, but a moment like this, created or  not, will always, ALWAYS be more important to me, or anyone with a family, compared to the posed contrived shot with a fancy video light or a soft box.


Don’t get me wrong, I pose people like there’s no tomorrow if I have to and I’m about to buy myself some fancy video lights, but in the end it’s important to remember that shots like this one will always win.


Gorgeous shot! definitely a win!

Yo Jonas, great looking boys great photo. I remeber when my two sons were that young – then I blinked and suddenly they are 18/19 years old going to university. Enjoy every moment!

Hi Jonas!
I’m in love for your work ! If I´m still married for celebrate my 10th anniversary (hope so!!!!we got married in 2008), I will be the happiest person ever if we could have you as a photographer!We live in Lisbon,Portugal.

Life is about sharing, and you really know how to do it!
We can see hapiness in your work, I can fell happy for all these uknown persons…Everything is full of joy and beauty…


Truth. It’s been too long since I’ve pulled out my camera at home.

two mini Jonas’ – great stuff!

absolutely Jonas :-)
Your boys are adorable Jonas ! Thanks for sharing them with us :-)

pictures like these are what motivate me…the pictures i take of my family and children are always a win. your children are beautiful and you could not be more right about pictures being about a memory for everyone. your work is amazing but thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts with us as well. cheers!

Visst är det väl du och Beppe, minuterna före första pokergiven Pennygången för sisådär 30 år sedan, eller ???. Urhäftig bild, Jonas.

That’s a lovely picture. I agree that what ever great pictures you take there’s none better than a picture of your family

¨que cara de pilla tienen¨ ;p
i’m sure the boys will thank you someday for capturing those special moments in their life.

always win, jp.

Amen! And man, they look like you :) Was so great to meet you last week too Jonas, will catch up again at WPPI I’m sure :)

suh adorbs! :D

no doubt whatsoever about who’s boys these are! awsome!

Tee hee hee, I love their outfits! Just gorgeous. And right on the money.

Beautiful boys :) thanks for sharing!

They look more like you in this shot than any other I’ve seen.

Jag håller helt med! Fantastiskt fina pojkar du har!

Så himla söta!!! Jag blir alldeles varm och öm sitter här på andra sidan jordklotet och *ler* för mig själv! Håller med dig om att sådana här ögonblicksbilder är oslagbara det går inte att jämföra med tillrättalagda studiobilder!

That is EXACTLY what it is all about! What a great shot!

yup, this is what it’s all about. BTW your boys are super cute!

Lika som bär!

Så gulligt – ett riktigt ögonblick – kan inte låta bli att le !!

Amen! to everything you said.

adorable eyes. mischievous smiles. double win.

Holy cow, the little man in red is an identical but slightly smaller Jonas! Two blog posts from Jonas in two days? One with heartfelt writing and another with a heartfelt photo — what a treat!!!

Super cute! love love love that image! Made me smile :)

Exactly so.
Couldn’t agree more.

And what a lovely shot it is!

they are so cute…
I love your way of photgraphy! it´s always wonderful…

Cute! They look like they could stir up some serious trouble. Hahaha! I agree with you. My favorite shots, even those that may be technically less impressive, are always the shots of my family.

Right on. And, boy, do you make some cute kids.

You have every right to be biased, those guys are awfully cute. :)

“A moment like this, created or not, will always, ALWAYS be more important to me, or anyone with a family, compared to the posed contrived shot with a fancy video light or a soft box”.


OMG they’re your double! This is very cute. And you’re right – this is what it’s all about.