Oh deer

November 29, 2011


My heart melt just by looking to your photos. Well done!

Incredible pictures. I like a lot your stile… Best wishes from Spain.


Incredible pictures. I like a lot your stile.

Amazing Shots. I feel so amateur when I browse your photos. Respect.

You are truly fabulous, what a life you have experiencing everyone’s happiest of days!

Beautiful set Jonas. I rarely leave comments here but I’ve been following from the begging and your work is fantastic. The subtle way you display the prep details emphasizing her hair, lipstick etc without showing her whole self is a brilliant way to build anticipation and have the viewer walk through the process. That shot of her writing her vows is absolutely stunning. The bride’s composed emotional glance out the window while reflected against the glass is timeless. Well done, but you already knew that ;-)

Hahaha, du är ju helt underbar! Älskar din humor!! :-D

YES PAAAAAAAARTTTTYYYYYY! Thanks for the post! :-)

JONASS! So poppin yo. You gave me something to dance to naked! I do the thrust… thrust… THRUST! Respect.

just needs a tooheys extra dry!

This needs to be a meme.

Boom! One click! Boom! One click. Man it is incredible all the things that can be done with VSCO FILM ;) Love it thanks for the laugh.

HAHAHAHAHA…yess!!!!! This is amazing!

This just made my day! :) :) :)