{paul & cassie} ~ wedding ~ brisbane

I don’t know where to begin when it comes to this one. Paul & Cassie planned their wedding for months and months and made it a very, very personal affair, but something tells me Cassie has been planning this wedding her whole life. Not only did they both collect things and details for a very long time, it felt like everything was there for a reason. It was a mix of DIY and great finds from around the world and yet it all fit together perfectly.

They collected mason jars, leaves, branches and pinecones for well over a year. I have never seen anything like the wedding tree, but I loved it straight away. Just brilliant. The ceremony and reception were held at Metro Arts in Brisbane and the venue was amazing.



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  1. Jonaspeterson your photography blog is full of inspiration! Will be telling my clients at biglightletters.com.au to check out your blog for ideas! Thank you

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  3. I really enjoyed this wedding. I wish more folks could find something simple and enjoy the people more than focusing on all the expensive details. Great set!

  4. I was suggested this web site through my cousin.
    I’m not positive whether or not this post is written through him as no one else understand such designated approximately my trouble. You are amazing! Thank you!

  5. Oh, this is just one of my favorites in a long time. You knocked it out of the park. Setting was something so simple, but with every image and how you captured them, they completely absorbed me.

  6. that’s a classic already now ! i remember impact on me when for the first time was browsing this wedding. Always pleasure to go back and have a look through old stuff

  7. Your work is truely breathtaking. i love how your pictures are so simple and gorgeous, you really capture the full meaning of love. im 14 years old and all i do every day is look at wedding photos. i really hope one day i can become as good as a photographer as you or only have a fraction of your talent. :)

    Olivia Rogers :)

  8. amazing pictures! you’re an incredible photographer, those photos really touched my heart

  9. This is just beautiful. Beautiful couple, beautiful wedding and stunning photos. I’m quite tempted to use the thumb print idea for my own wedding, but change the tree to a peacock…
    I really enjoyed these.

  10. Wow nice work and congrats on the top 10 list! I am a wedding photographer in Pittsburgh,PA. My wife and I shoot as a team and enjoy looking at your work. It is very unique.

  11. this is beautiful, so creative and so unline the usual wedding :) weddings should always be unique and celebrated uniquely to the couple in love

  12. I am completely captivated by your pure talent. You’re skills are a gift. Perfection with this wedding.

  13. Wow.. the aesthetics that come through in these photos are delicious – And I love that picture of the wedding rings on the pears! Very cute, very unique. I’m sure this bride and groom will cherish these memories much more than those with more traditional wedding photos!

  14. What an awesome wedding spread. The pictures have a wonderful retro look. It is amazing how the use of such simple trappings could produce such an elegant theme of photos.

  15. The originality of the wedding is fantastic, and the way you enhanced that in your photography is equally beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)

  16. Very Nice…Exceptional..I really enjoyed looking at the photos and feeling the moment.

    Thank You

  17. The pictures were very fun to look through it gave a short story to the wedding day! billion snaps!

  18. This is such a unique wedding and your ability to capture the fine details Jonas, is superb!!!!
    I love, love, LOVE your work and I will be contacting you for my future wedding!
    All the best….

  19. Amazing. Paul and Cassie. Some are ,magazine and museum quality art shots. All tell a story. There’s a play in here.

  20. People think of some great ideas when it comes to weddings. That thumb print tree is a great idea. Totally would have loved to have that for my wedding. :P Great Shots

  21. my second fav wedding you’ve shot!
    so Stunning this Story.

    A beautiful Artistic Story that brings such Joy to my heart.
    Thanks for sharing these ‘artworks’ of Love with us all.

  22. this is so close to the style of wedding im planning… its scary… and the photographer is who we want to do urs… what a find… these photos are an absolute treat.. paul and cassie look amazing.. truly lovely touches everywhere

  23. I come away with the absolute simplicity and the elegance that these pictures provide. It is classic and modern, and funky and tradition all wrapped into one.

  24. this is beautiful! i love that she wore a short dress.

    and to top it off, the groom was wearing a fugazi shirt to start the day!

  25. Can anyone tell me if its possible to get a copy of the tree picture that the guests put their thumbprints on? A friend loves it and would like to do the same for her wedding.

  26. This is so awesome I just can’t believe this is a real wedding for real people! It looks like a fairy tale!

  27. this wedding is the most extraordinary wedding I’ve seen. Each detail was very well thought and the photos are so delicate and sensitive. Congratulations to all of you!

  28. i love all the details in this… the photography is beautiful! makes me want to get married again…. what an inspiration x

  29. What a wonderful example of what weddings should represent.. the couple and their individuality (not what is mainstream and now). You can see that here. You presented it beautifully. You can tell they ROCK. The tree is unusual and awesome. Would love to see that more often. Thanks for the fresh look.

  30. hej, min pappas fru mailade dig och undrade om jag fick ställa några frågor om brisbane, jag ska nämligen studera grafisk design, multimedia & advertising där i ett år. :) Jag skickar några frågor till dig i ett mail lite senare så får vi se om du har svar på det jag undrar över. Jag är förövrigt förälskad i dina bilder. Du har en förmåga att fånga en känsla, som inte många som kallar sig fotografer har. MVH / Emmy

  31. I love these photos :)
    Definitely will tweet about this. Do you have any details about the wedding itself? Would love to do a real wedding feature on my blog about your photos!!

  32. Jonas this was amazing, i’ve think you’ve captured the atmosphere in an amazing way, i can touch it. Let me guess, he or she is a graphic designer, or maybe both of them?

    Just can’t tell you how much i like this set, how many photos did you shoot during their wedding day?

    Just LOVE it! Thank you

  33. ahh jonas… words cannot express how amazing you are! i look at these photos (and all the lovely comments) everyday & it makes me so unbelievably happy! thanks for being so perfectly wonderful & for keeping the day alive xoxo

  34. “I don’t know where to begin when it comes to this one”….;-)
    Jonas, you’re pictures are equisite! I still am not able to express how much feelings you evoked with these pictures! These are one of the best pictures I have EVER seen!

  35. You blow my mind.. you’re the best in OZ I’d say right now for the style I like…I’m so impressed with you Jonas!!!

  36. The wedding tree really touched me. A beautiful couple with lots of love for eachother which shines through your pictures.

  37. LOVE these!! gorgeous photos, they will cherish them so much! love the leaves, really unique details! :)

  38. I don’t know who blows me away more you or your clients. I held my breath and didn’t start again until I’d finished these.

  39. What an interesting wedding this was. Its all the more special when people go against the grain and opt out of the traditional ceremonies. Lolllllies! Photos were, as always, great.

  40. You rock even more. You give me so much inspiration!

    And I’m writing in english just so I can give the bride a compliment. She’s so beautiful!

  41. alright dude, you’re about to go from “really good” to “blows my mind”. there aren’t many photographers in the “blows my mind” crowd.

  42. Ooooh, such nice details! I especially like the wedding tree. Cool people and cool photos, you’re a very good portrayer.

  43. Absolutely fantastic pictures!

    I’m sitting here with a big smile and I’m really enjoying to be a part of this unic wedding!

    Thanks to a wonderful couple :).

  44. One thing I love about your work Jonas is at first glance you style shares a lot of things common with some of the popular photographer these days, but when you look closer, at the framing, moments captured and even the processing your own personal style comes scream through. There is a great mix of popular techniques and raw PJ photographer only seen in the pages of Magnum.

    Great stuff dude! Really enjoying what you’re offering!

  45. När jag ser detta tänker jag att det kanske inte behöver vara så dumt att gifta sig ändå.
    Men det kanske inte bara är tack vare dina (som vanligt) fina bilder. det verkar ha varit ett helt fantastiskt bröllop i min smak.

  46. You’ve captured the feeling of it all! I almost start to cry just watching the pictures, and I really do love the wedding tree – if me and my love’ll get married one day, I’ll make a tree of my own, such a wonderful idea!

    Your photos never disappoint me. And they never will. Keep on!

  47. Of all the weddings in the world, I know that this one’s my favortie! Great job, Fishy!

  48. Wow, amazing photos, and brilliant ideas! I just love the tree, and they have obviously put a lot of thoughts to the details!

  49. Bilderna är så grymma, man vill bara… skaka din hand o säga “du är ett geni!”

  50. Man, i really love these pictures especially the one where they are standing in buckets… and what a wedding :) I really enjoyed all the details :)

    – good idea with the rings and pears to :)


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