Pete’s 30th

Yesterday we went down the coast to celebrate my friend Pete’s 30th. I was lucky enough to shoot their wedding last year and it’s always great to catch up with him and Michelle.

The party was held Gold Coast style at the races in Surfer’s. A bunch of good friends got together to drink, eat and hang out all afternoon. It was a truly awesome day. OK, I lost some money, but who cares, right?

Surely I’ll win next time.



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  1. Låten var helt fantastisk, och för mej helt ny.
    Vem är detta musikaliska fenomen?

    Bilderna var inte så pjåkiga dom heller.

  2. Designated smoking area-bilden är klart en av de snyggaste bilderna du tagit. Riktigt jäkla snygg bild! Perfekt komposition, fina färger, bra skärpedjup. Rubbet!
    Gillar även gårdagens (13 nov) bild “portföljperson på mosaikgolv”.

  3. Schysta bilder! Har varit intresserad av den optiken länge, roligt att se vilka utsnitt du får till med den, men tror nog ändå att 50an förblir favvon.

  4. Chris: I’ve added film grain for effect. The ISO is 100, so there really is no noise whatsoever.

  5. What ISO do you use here? There’s quite a lot of noise, I think. Or did you add that later as an effect? Great feeling anyway.

  6. When I thought it couldn’t get any better…
    Great choice of song, Eels is an amazing band.
    Have you read “Things the Grandchildren Should Know” by Mark Everett?
    I think you might enjoy it..


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