{preview} Chris & Kim

May 21, 2012

Long time, no see.

I know I talked the talk, but never walked the walk. I said I would blog more and instead I almost stopped completely. I guess life happens, you know? I’m happy to say I have a lot coming up and my goal is to share that with you. In less than two weeks me and my family pack our bags and embark on a whirlwind trip around the world. I kick off by going to Bali and Elora and Rajiv’s wedding. After that we head to Sicily where we are shooting on the island of Lipari. Then we head “home” to Sweden to piece together my own (!) wedding in July before we head to Malta, Bali and San Francisco before heading HOME home. It’s going to be a fantastic summer and my promise to you  – and myself – is to write about it as often as I can.

But first a little preview from a wedding I will share soon. I shot a great (Gatsby inspired) wedding together with my friend Nirav and we’re both excited about sharing that day with you. Here is a teeny tiny taste of our images from the day.


Gorgeous works. Thank you so..so much!

really nice work… Make sure you get plenty of sun cream as in Malta we already are experiencing soaring heat…

A wedding inspired by ‘The Great Gatsby’. The images rock, but isn’t that story about how the road to success can often be the road to emptiness and sorrow? I hope the wedding was just based on the gatsby look :)

Did I read correctly??? You and Jacki are getting married! How exciting for you and your boys’, I am so happy for you all! All the best for continued success and happiness… to a beautiful family, Katherine Robertson ( Waverly’s auntie)

Everything on this photos looks amazing. All I can see is art, fun, love and happiness.. Hope to have something like this when it’s my time..Great Job!

amazing portrait of a beautiful bride!

The first two are amazing. AMAZING. I want to know how you did it! What camera, what film, etc., etc., or was it actually digital? I’m so curious! Love, love, love that thank you letter before this – so wonderful!

3rd from the bottom is one of the most gorgeous wedding pictures I have ever seen.

Great Gatsby! What a tease.

4th image from bottom is really sweet.

Gorgeous portrait of the bride! Love it!

Your new side angled bridal portraits are so heavenly. Very pretty.

Love the mood of htese photos..especially the 3rd photo

Love the old school photos. I’m so excited to see the full post of photos!!! The brides hair and makeup is really wonderful! And perfectly captured. Awesome as usual Jonas!

Hope your volvo is going well and you are enjoying your new office by the bay :) Keep it up Jonas!

HA, Love the top two and the portrait of the bride – Class as always!

Alle bildene dine er fantastiske! WOW.

Have a nice trip & best wishes for your own wedding! Looking forward to see all beautiful pictures.

You have an incredible ability to find amazing locations for your shots.

wow that bridal portrait rocks!

Love the first pictures!

Wow. These looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more. And have a great summer!!

These are great! Have a wonderful summer with your family and keep rockin’!

Gorgeous. Looking forward to more…

These are all incredible Jonas.

Beautiful as always, have an amazing adventure Jonas

Love the processing on the two tennis portraits and their poses.

So awesome. I love the team you and Nirav make, your styles and vision complement each other so well.

3rd Shot down is killer. So moody.

I love the second tennis shot! Beautiful preview. Hope you blog some more. Happy trails!


love the use of line on the tennis and badminton shots.

Madbeans. Those portraits rock it.

great combination to have you both shoot together – fantastic preview. x

very interesting Jonas, love it!

so nice ! i love the first one great job jonas as always !! :)

Are you kidding? And this is just a PREVIEW? So good. And I’m really digging the top images.

Such beautiful images, Jonas.