QLD AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year

Well, last night was crazy. The AIPP – Australian Institute for Professional Photography hosted its yearly award gala here in Brisbane and I was there with Jacqui and some of my friends. I like awards, not because they’re a measure of greatness, but it’s nice to do something different now and then. Creating great prints is a craft and something I’m still very much learning. I like sitting in my studio working with photoshop, printing on nice paper, correcting, fiddling, printing again until you have a print you’re happy with.

Last year I won the QLD AIPP Wedding Album of the Year for the album I created for Nick and Surya, a result I was over the moon with. I also managed to come runner up as wedding photographer of the year behind my good buddy, Todd.

This year I entered four wedding images and an album. I’ve learned no to expect too much, the competition is extremely fierce and the judging is tough.

I had a pretty shit day leading up to the gala to be honest. First my plane was cancelled and then delayed again from Sydney and then I got stuck in traffic trying to get home to suit up for the night. Having shot two weddings, 30 hours, on Saturday and Sunday also added to the pain. We arrived late, sat down and almost immediately they started announcing awards. My main man, Todd, managed to snatch Wedding Album of the Year with an amazing entry, I came runner up. The next one up was for the Highest Scoring Print out of all entries and I almost fell off the chair when they announced I had won it. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

When they were about to announce Wedding Photographer of the Year, I think my heart stopped for a second. When they said “and the winner is…Jonas Peterson”, I blacked out.

The last award of the night is the big kahuna – Professional Photographer of the Year.

All the category winners are judged against each other and an overall winner is picked. Standing on the podium I looked around, some of the finest photographers in the country were standing next to me and I looked at them to check their reaction when one of their names would be called out as the Grand Prize Winner.

When my name was announced instead, I knew I was dreaming.

The rest of the night is a blur infused by champagne and high fives and I’m feeling it today.

QLD AIPP Highest Scoring Print
QLD AIPP Wedding Album of the Year R/U 
QLD AIPP Wedding Photographer of the Year
QLD AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year.

Jonas Peterson.


I can only share one image for now since the album, the highest scoring print and two other prints are being entered into other awards.
This one won a silver distinction at 88. You can view it large here.

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  1. About time…. the good ol boys at AIPP finally got with the program and recognised the best in the game!

  2. Congratulations Jonas! Just reading about your recent success and spate of awards. Really looking forward for you joining Helena and I on Hamilton for our wedding this August. Best of luck for the upcoming competitions where I’m sure you will continue to do well.

    Regards Jordan

  3. Grattis!!!!!!
    Fantastisk för dig!
    Så värd det.
    Har följt dig från och till sedan silverfisktiden och inspireras ständigt av dina bilder!!!!
    U Rock!

  4. Hej, vill du göra ett bloglovin byte? :D säg till när du följer mig så följer jag dig på engång :D kram

  5. I love how the viewer is naturally drawn to the bride, and then eventually you come across the fantastic surprise of the camera peeking out from the entry on the right. What a great surprise!

  6. jonas, you deserve this. your work is incredible. i have to say, i’m not surprised that you won all those awards. it’s nice to see you get the recognition you deserve. thanks for sharing it with us! congratulations!!

  7. Congratulations on a brilliant success, I couldn’t agree more with the judges decision. You area an inspiration to all photographers and a wonderful artist!

  8. So, I guess we booked the right man for our wedding :-)
    Warm Congratulations!


  9. Truly a great achievement and very well deserved Jonas. The images really stood out when hanging on the walls amongst all the other prints.
    There’s an old saying “You always get back what you put in” and with the photography industry that is very true. These accolades prove that statement and is a great testament to you as a photographer and a person. Congrats, Marcus

  10. wow!! jättestort grattis!! vilken ära!
    du har gjort dig väl förtjänt av den dock :)

  11. A huge congratulations to you. Such an honour and well deserved. Your work is amazing and it is so inspiring.

  12. Flowers, champagne, or as we put it; antipasti, prosecco e TANTISSIMI AUGURI SEI GRANDE!!! =) =) =)

  13. G r a t t i s – du är bäst!
    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s – you’re the best!

  14. G r a t t i s – du är bäst!
    C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s – you’re the best!

  15. Felicitations to you, our dear and inspired friend, Jonas – It’s truly wonderful that you have some solid recognition within an Industry that is nothing like Advertising, hey! Cheers to you, from all the Tuckers.oxox

  16. you’re so humbly appreciative. i really admire that about you Jonas. you have worked so tirelessly these last number of years taking care of your clients, capturing some stellar imagery, all the while continually sharpening your craft; it’s beautiful to see and i’m proud of you. cheers.

  17. A huge smile and emotional-watery eyes overcame me as I read this. Very fricken awesome and I’m really happy for you Jonas – CONGRATULATIONS in all its enormity… em

  18. STORT grattis Jonas! Du har alltid varit en fantastisk fotograf så det var ett välförtjänt pris! Efter ha följt din blogg ända från dina St Kilda dagar är det roligt att se att du verkar ha hittat precis rätt.

  19. You so very much deserve this Jonas, and after all that happening in the days leading up to the awards, i imagine that it is all a big blur, but big happy blur …. Congratulations !

  20. Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. You’re still my favorite wedding photographer. Thanks for inspiring, again and again.

  21. Congratulations from across the ditch Jonas. I’m not surprised by this award and well deserved too. You have set a standard that many others can only dream of achieving.

  22. Are we surprised? You are after all one of the most widely followed wedding photographers in the world, and deservedly so. You’ve been a wonderful fresh face to the industry. I’m only surprised it has taken AIPP this long to give you this award :)

  23. Congratulations, Jonas. I’m always amazed by your work and the awards just cement what everyone else was already thinking!

  24. But for real, that image deserves every bit of accolades it gets. I stands alone as my favorite image I have ever seen you produce. And you sir, deserve it as well. Bravo.


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