June 11, 2010


This is an amazing shot. I love it when photographers capture other guests list this. Awesome lighting too.

Hej Jonas!
I have been checking your blog ever since I found you through a colleague and I just have to say, you are the greatest! And I’m very happy you are from Sweden, because it gives me hope that maybe one day you could come here and shoot our family, too!
Let me know when you are around!

En stor kram på dig!


Have a safe and joyful trip around the world! =)

This is such a wonderful moment, it only makes me sad that I won’t see a shot like this when it’s my wedding. But to whomever’s relative this is, I am sure they are thankful they have this shot.

Lovely shot Jonas in many different ways. It has such a timeless quality to it.

Lovely tones and the clock in the background really helps tell a story.

Jag har alltid haft en svaghet för äldre. De är så himla vackra och visa på något sätt… Väldigt vacker bild!

I am completely head over heels with this image. Such a sweet image. Plus I love old people.

Totally agree about the Ascough comparison. And also about the clock. This has an antique-y quality to it. Really nice.

Love this image — makes me think of Jeff Ascough

Dina bilder är fantastiska. Så inspirerande!

how I adore old people .. happy old people inspire me :)

WOW!!!! – Du är en mästare i att fånga ögonblick! Jag är så j-a imponerad så jag saknar ord!

Very nice – love the clock and its significance. For some reason this doesnt have the similar feel of your other shots – still awesome – just a different type of awesome.

absolutely beautiful. tears welling. the clock in the background is poignant.