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  1. Hej Jonas!
    I have been checking your blog ever since I found you through a colleague and I just have to say, you are the greatest! And I’m very happy you are from Sweden, because it gives me hope that maybe one day you could come here and shoot our family, too!
    Let me know when you are around!

    En stor kram på dig!


  2. This is such a wonderful moment, it only makes me sad that I won’t see a shot like this when it’s my wedding. But to whomever’s relative this is, I am sure they are thankful they have this shot.

  3. Jag har alltid haft en svaghet för äldre. De är så himla vackra och visa på något sätt… Väldigt vacker bild!

  4. Very nice – love the clock and its significance. For some reason this doesnt have the similar feel of your other shots – still awesome – just a different type of awesome.


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