You have to try the silverbeets

March 1, 2010

When I was sitting there with Jonathan and Zilla’s families around me, it again hit me what a wonderful job I have. Jac and I had taken a couple of wrong turns out of Auckland and when we finally got to Bethell’s Beach it was getting dark. With the help of the last daylight we found our way to where Zilla and Jonathan were staying. When we arrived they quickly sat us down, poured us a glass of wine and told us dinner was five minutes away.

Zilla’s mother hade prepared a feast and we were invited.

As the lemon chicken was passed around the table someone filled up my glass and within minutes it felt like we were part of the family. After ten I felt like we had made new friends.

“You have to try the silverbeets”, Zilla said and who was I to argue.

The rest of the weekend was nothing short of amazing.

I felt part of something and that something I’m going to have to share here.

I just don’t know where to begin.


hi, Jonas

How are you!

I am come from Kunming ,YunNan ,China.

I like your photos very much!

I will continue eye on you!

Good lucky!

Okay, gonna have to try silver beats now. Thank you for the resipies… oh, and the picture is good too. ;-)

That last picture with the clouds is absolutely amazing! One of my favorite pics seen in a real long time.

Yes the photo was lovely and makes us realise we are only small cogs in this great world.

Looking forward to seeing the photos in the pine forest.

Silver beet.

Firstly the silver beet was very fresh from the groom’s mum’s garden.

Secondly use VERY LITTLE water in the pan.Let the water get hot then put the silver beet in and toss it quickly really only to heat it this may only be 30 seconds or so.

For really yummy silver beet take the beets out after 15 secs.Pour off all water except a small portion.Add some chopped garlic and oysrer sauce, and when it is hot put the silver beet back in and turn with clippers a few times then yank it out before it goes all limp and grey.

I can assure you there will be none left on the plate it is delicious.

Above is also good for bok choi which is the asian sweeter version of silver beet.

Jonas, Your meal was actually tarrogan and preserved lemon unsalted butter and garlic, then verjuice.

You mix up tarrogon leaves, 250 grams unsalted butter and the skins of 2 preserved lemons in the blender.

Put your hand between the skin and the meat of the bird near the legs and work up over the breast and into the legs.Then you stuff the butter tarrogan and lemon mix into the space between the meat and the flesh.

Roast with 2 garlic cloves in the cavity of the bird.

When cooked pour half cup of verjuice over bird and give it another 15 mins.

Let the bird rest for 15 mins then serve.

I heat the juices(pour off fat excess first) and thicken with a couple of desert spoons of corn flower to make the gravy.Cook the potatoes and pumpkin in the same pan.180 degrees for about 1 to 1 half hours.

Eusebio says its a nice picture of Aunty Zilla and Jon and can he have one please??

You never cease to amaze me. This is stunning. Love it! I wish I could see it on a huge canvas…

Is it just me or is that sky moving…..

love it!

a totally captivating image as usual jonas! i love the fact that the b&g look calm and happy surrounded by these massive black clouds. beautiful work.

Yup that is what its all about! Not being only a photographer but also part of the family on the day, gotta love it!

Silverbeets? I’m intrigued…

I like this shot, by the way. That sky is like a painting.

Jag gillar hur de ser ut att vara ett sånt där bröllopspar i plast som man sätter på bröllopstårtan. de ser precis ut så, i miniatyrformat. väldigt fint

I dig how white is white, and black is black.

So I had to Google silverbeets, you’re now number 3 for that. Turns out it’s a name for Swiss Chard. Still don’t know what that is.

What are silverbeets?

I love the texture/grain/special feeling whatever that is :) Great photo.

Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see and hear more!

Wow, great shot. Like the way the clouds seem to point to the couple.

What an incredibly lovely moody photograph.

I don’t know what silverbeets are, but if eating them results in images like this, I want some!!

I think you found a good place to begin.

What a wonderful wedding-picture! I love the dramatic sky, since most people think of blue sky and sunshine when it comes to their wedding-photos. It’s absolutely stunning, this pic.

Gorgeous, Jonas. What a beautiful sky!

I love silverbeets – so tasty!

24 1.4? Love it.

gah! i want your life!

or.. you just seem so Lycklig!
and that’s what i wanna be too

-YEAH!! Once again very nice!

Sounds like an amazing experience. Can’t wait to see more of this wedding.

What a warming experience & memory for u and ur J :) love your Stories am Amazed by how u caputured this in every shot

Boom! That’s what I’m talking about Jonas!

My type of wedding image, a Bride and Groom with a big sky!

I have never even heard of ‘silverbeets’! I Will have to give them a try some day. What a beautiful image. The contrast of the sky against the softness of the grass is amazing. Sound like you had a really great time.

Stunning, what a sky…

My fav of yours in a longtime Jonas.