December 1, 2011


Jonas, I would love to take photos like this one. The facial expression and the hair is perfect. I liked it so much I used it as the title image in my blog article :)

I love this photo. A million times.

So pretty. The simplicity made her look more elegant and charming.

if native americans were correct in thinking that a photo can steal a soul, at the very least you’ve captured hers. beautiful.

Nice. Reminds me of my all time favorite portrait of yours. The Tim & Kesh Wedding (coulson133blog)
That photo just did it for me. I had to quit my job and learn the art of wedding photography because of that photo. I’m still learning.

Love this one! Sharp as hell! I can see you in her eye!

Wow, I’m pretty sure she’s ready to conquer the world.

beautiful…really love this soft look

The eyes have it! Great capture

Beautiful portrait, love how the hairs swirls!

vsco 3200?
Awesome bright, love the hair in the wind!

Nice to see a bride without all the ‘hoopla and enhancers’. A true, natural beauty. You’ve captured her essence masterfully!

Love the expression and strength her eyes have..this is a decisive moment

stunning photo and girl.

luv her eyes…gorgeous!
is it vsco ?

incredible portrait jp :)))))

Beautiful. love the movement in her hair.

Nice and simple, I like it.
Lovely eyes.