Benj Haisch is a very talented Tacoma Wedding Photographer and one I’m proud to call my friend. We’re shooting a wedding together in July this year and I’m really looking forward to working with him.

After the quake in Haiti, Benj didn’t just talk about helping the people there, he actually jumped on a plane with friends and family and did something about it. I truly admire what he did.

Head over to his blog and check out his film about the trip.


I just wanna jump on the Benj love bandwagon… I think Ken said it best, He “is the real deal”

What an amazing group of people. So inspiring. I love this kind of feel good story, thanks for sharing:)

Truly a caring individual. And such a great photographer :-)

Thank you for sharing, Jonas, Benj is a wonderful talent.

Thanks for sharing this Jonas. Great video.

Wow. Thanks for sharing.

yeah…benj is the real deal.