Tasmania Wedding ~ Avalon Coastal Retreat ~ Courtney & John



Amazing work as always! Awesome locations on this one!

Beautiful imagery Jonas. I’m happy to be alive to witness your work. Much love from Montreal! :)

The captures of Courtney are coming through with a striking delicate beauty. I can believe that every bride would love to be showcased in such a way as you have done with these images.

Whoa! Inspirations everywhere! Thank you for beeing so good!

wow! letter j’s on the 3rd to the last photograph. who can beat that?

You never fail to pull on the heart strings. Thank you so much Jonas for being such an influential artist. Inspiration is what keeps me going and doing what I love.


Amazing, the location is spectacular – Song title please ?!

Loved the color tones here ..

What a fantastic series. The colors are magnificent!

Calm and peace (and love of course) is what I feel here. Beautiful Jonas

Stunning work as usual and what a location!

Beautiful pictures, that portrait of the bride is stunning.

gorgeous as always. especially love the night pics

Jag har aldrig sett något liknande, trots att jag följt dig i många år. Så inspirerande, tack Jonas.

Hi Jonas, I’m curious about your camera settings at times during the reception where the light dances around, but the people are in focus. I hope this makes sense.

You style is so unique. Always an inspiration to me.
Composition, lighting and just the ‘eye’ – all so Jonas.
Thank you

As usual I couldn’t love this more, tasmania looks sublime and you’ve captured it in the most beautiful way possible

Wonderful images Jonas, great work!!

Wow awesome. Love the outdoor table set up and that last shot of the bay & stars is fantastic

WOW! What a couple, and what a stunning setting for the wedding. A perfect fit for your photography!

Gorgeous place for ceremony.. Beautiful images!

Totally stunning Jonas. Courtney looks radiant.

Stunning work, as always :)

Absolutely Stunning!!

Stunning frames as always dude!

LOVE these, they are truly outstanding Jonas!

so beautiful and inspiring as always x

Gorgeous wedding in a stunning location. The brides dress was divine.

Danielle: the song is “Know me well”, Roo Panes.

Great storytelling, as ever Jonas. I love the way you capture nature too. Good work!

Breathtaking location for a wedding! I especially adore the forest image during the first look.

Great work ! Wow ! I love the editing :-)

Love! And I like how everyone turned up at that little ‘hut’ for the dance – least it looked little :)

Absolutely gorgeous shots! Fantastic lighting and composition! Love the pictures!