Thank you

It’s late.

I can hear the wildlife going bananas outside my office this tropical night, the music is playing loudly, but I can’t seem to turn it down. It’s been a year of awakenings, a year of growth and shedding skin. It’s quite possible you haven’t seen any of that yet, but it’s obvious to me. I can see what I have to do. And as much as I think my “best of 2011” post sums things up, it’s obvious that I forgot to thank the people who got me here. I owe so much to the people who hire me. I’m a little allergic to posts about how much wedding photographers love their jobs and their clients, but the truth is I’m the same. I’m a blubbering fool and I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for the people who let me do what I do.

You’re only as good as your clients allow you to be and my clients want me to move mountains.

So I try.

I believe weddings are fantastic and most weekends I get to experience everything I enjoy about life – passion, purpose and love.

Lauren, Ryan, Cate, Simon, Maia, Andreas, Sarah, Simon, Waverly, David, Alyda, Todd, Lisa, Michael, Michelle, Ezra, Felicity, Mikey, Megan, Michael, Rebecca, Peter, Lauren, Sean, Jess, Brendan, Bronwyn, Steve, Monique, Damian, Courtney, Jacob, Nikki, Alex, Alisha, Pete, Elizabeth, Matt, Danielle, Steve, Lauren, Josh, Melissa, Chris, Claire, Jackson, Mitra, Fabio, Sue-Lyn, Andreas, Teresa, Henrik, Louise, Eric, Emelie, Johan, Nina, Craig, Rachel, Jeff, Lori, Ash, Nadee, Chris, Natalie, Daniel, Madeleine, Anthony, Julie, Sam, Stephanie, Jackie, Chantel, Simon, Erin, Deric, Anna, Thomas, Claire, Nicholas, Felicity, Paul, Christina, Sean, Penny, Gerald, Megan, Mathew, Stephanie, Mark, Cassie, Shaun, Emma, Jon, Anita and Sean.

Thank you.

From the bottom of my heart.

I am not worthy, but I thank you for thinking I am.

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  1. Thank YOU Jonas for capturing our wedding and keeping it close to us for all time to come. You are amazing, your work is incredible and you’re more than worthy. Keep it up and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. they said, no, thank YOU. Because you “get it”. Because you didn’t force us to swoon backwards in rigid poses and because you just get what it’s all about. That is why we love you.

    That, and your general awesomeness in general, being a great friend, having an awesome jacqui and the best little two redheads ever.

  3. ThankYOU Jonas – without fail our photos draw gasps from everyone we show along with proclamations that they are “truly and I’m not just saying this the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen!”. We love them and are still looking at them everyday. Enjoy your Christmas with the family! Bec and Pete.


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