Three from yesterday

May 8, 2011


Bellissime, davvero bellissime. Soprattutto quelle con gli sposi da soli.

looking forward to seeing more Jonas.

Very Rock n Roll but with an edge … I like.

Stunning images as usual! You’ve turned the light to your advantage here- kudos! :)

wicked light. can’t wait for the rest of these fantastic images

Incredible shots – Love the use of natural light! Can’t wait to see the full post

love the last one mate! light is unreal with that background!

Jonas, you do not fear the light! I love to see great shots in challenging conditions like these. Great work sir!

I do enjoy looking at these ones, making use of little bits of light just to highlight areas of interest. To me these images reflect a little private moment in space and time…………looking forward to seeing more Jonas.

The shadows on their faces are pure poetry…

Exciting! I really like these “in betweens” where you show just a few, give so much strength to them. Will be great to see the rest!

Lovely use of shadows there. It’s great to see some dramatic lighting. Lovely.

you are a special person (not only as a photographer). and when that come from a stranger (like i) it should mean something! you’re so inspiring. ps: great music, btw.

a heap of my old work crew! beautiful shots. lovin’ the blacks.

seriously sick. love how you underexpose in the direct sunlight!!!

beautiful pictures! I wish I have your skills! :)

this looks awesome. we’re probably gonna have to wait for a while to see the whole shebang, right?

When I grow up I wanna be just like you. :P