I really don’t like putting watermarks on my photos, but since one of my shots has been used nationally here in Australia in several newspapers, I’m forced to add something to my photos to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

My photo of the storm the other day has been published in several newspapers and online and since I didn’t give my permission I feel I have to do something to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I know it looks like shit, but when my photos are used without my consent, I’m forced to do something.


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  1. Hola…, estoy sólo aquí…pero doy mi opinión: estoy de acuerdo, creo que la marca de agua es un verdadero quebradero de cabeza para los autores sobre todo por su antiestética que queda en la foto, pero….¿qué hacer sino? hay inhumanos que no respetan las obras de autores…y es una lástima y hacen duplicados….CARADURAS!!!

    CREO que mínimo hay que ponerlas en obras que creas que pueden ser más dada a “tomar prestada” (por la cara) sin permiso. Porque por contra veo que tus fotos de bodas no tienen firma…, entonces ¿las de boda no las firmas?

    Gracias por tu respuesta, tu Blog es cojonudamente sencillo y minimalista. Me encanta.

    Un saludo cordial desde Rota, jose luis lluelma.

  2. I hope you sent all the papers a proper invoice for using your picture. Like blogger/photographer Citronmuffin did when some Swedish mag used one of her images, without permission. They appologized and payed the bill.

  3. I agree with the previous commentators. Good choice and we’ll still love your photos. Good luck with your process against the newspapers because you deserve huge credit for the photo. But don’t stop showing us your new photos – we are extremly addicted to them :)

  4. I don’t understand why that happens. Whats wrong with people? Its not like others are stealing paintings and pretending that they made it.
    I use waterstamps too, but unfortenately its not that hard removing with photoshop.

    I will still love your pics, with waterstamp or without:D


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