{wedding} Dave & Alarna

The places I get to see, the people I get to meet.

That’s what it’s all about.

And sometimes you don’t have to travel far to visit new and remarkable places. This time all I had to do was jump in the car and drive an hour from my house.

I ended up in Esk.

And on this very special day, in the world of Dave and Alarna.


Alarna is a very talented stationery and graphic designer, you can check out her work here. Today’s wedding is also featured on Oncewed, go there for all the details.

Dress – Vintage

Flowers – Australian native wildflowers

Planner – W.Edding Co

Cloud Brooch – Kylie Johnson, Paper Boat Press

Headpiece – Nelson Molloy

Shoes – Nine West

Stationery – DIY

Cake – Classic Cakes

Jewels – Alarna’s wedding ring was David’s great grandmother’s.

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  1. Gorgeous work! inspirational portraits!

  2. your photos are just incredibly inspiring and emotional…they way you can capture these intense feelings are truly amazing… You’ve got me stunned!
    – Your new greatest fan

  3. It is very wonderful day for all bride, very beautiful wedding! so natural and unusual, well i wish only love, crystal, healthy love!!! Be happy!

  4. Not like I need anymore ideas for posts (still have too many drafts that are not yet completed), but this is nonetheless and awesome post and a great resource for any blogger.I wish I would have thought of this idea

  5. The cartwheel! The barn entrance! The blindfold! My heart melts for these two, and for your stunning photos.

  6. Galet bra!! Allt känns så iscensatt och regisserat som en novellfilm eller reklamfilm. Finns det sådana här bröllop på riktigt? Hur som helst du äger, behöver du en assistent så säg till :)

  7. Otroligt vackra bilder!
    Blir väldigt sotis på alla dina kunder…
    Är det okej att jag lånar ett par bilder och länkar till dig från min lilla blogg?
    Hej från Göteborg!

  8. Fantastic!!! And these pics really inspire me to have the nerve to develop my own photography into something that´s even more me that what I do now ;) //Malin

  9. inspirational in every detail. thank you for sharing..creative regards, freedom

  10. I don’t know how you do it, but these are timeless images. As if taken a hundred years ago. All those antique details and clothes. And the people and the ambience.
    And then the dragged shutter photos from the reception, like a Larry Fink or a Bruce Gilden. I don’t know if the two styles match, but I don’care.
    I could stay in this world forever.

  11. WOW!!! Fy fasen vilka härliga bilder!! Och vilket mysigt och oerhört vackert bröllop, känns som att man var med själv när man titta på alla bilderna. Är själv helt galen i att fota. (på nybörjarstadie – både jag och min kamera ;D).
    Good luck with everything =D

  12. you’re always fantastic… this is kinda special though. just beautiful. i think the shot of her holding her shoes might be the best shoe shot i’ve ever seen… but, way too many other faves to mention.

  13. That would have to be the most beautiful Wedding I have ever seen…..and the most wonderful photography!

  14. I can’t even being to describe the brillance that it is this wedding. I love the way you told their story.

  15. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and stunning images Jonas, you constantly inspire me to be a better photographer

  16. Jesus, dude! You make me want to hang my camera up. I just kept scrolling in disbelief at how well you interpret light and see things. Fantastic work through and through Jonas. Really.

  17. This is awesome, all of it. What a couple! Love the one where he’s “hjular” (don’t know the English word for it, but the gymnastic thing in the field), the details, and every single image.

  18. I love the mood of your images. So easy to look at, almost soft (not in focus but feel). You have inspired me many times in the past and I look forward to keeping an eye on your work.

  19. Amazing work, Jonas! Dave and Alarna were lucky to have you there. And how awesome that it all happened just up the road…

  20. incredible man. this wedding is sure to inspire photographers to be better and those who are engaged to plan a perfect wedding – because this one is pretty darn close to being just that. grattis till ett annat fantastiskt jobb!

  21. hello from norway!

    beautiful photographs. i’m sorry for asking but do you blur any of your images in post or do you use tilt shift lenses a lot? if so, which one(s)?

    i’d love it if you took the time to answer.

  22. oh wow. oh wow! so beautiful. can you please tell me what song that is playing? It’s so so beautiful. It’s incredible how a stranger’s special moment can be so emotional for one…wow, so beautiful is this life. This connection. xo

  23. Jag blir sååå inspirerad av dina bilder. Ljuset. Lekfullheten. Ögonblicken. ALLT. Du har ett fantastiskt sinne för detta. Tack för att du delar med dig!

  24. Bloody hell, Jonas. Your images makes me want to stop art directing and become full time photographer. At the same time they makes me wanna sell my camera and never take a picture again.

    Standing ovasions. Again.

  25. i just thought, “i could write a script to go along with this post”. that means you’re really good at storytelling with photos, i think.

  26. Yeah, im gonna say it. For me this is your best yet. Plus one of the guests was rocking an SX-70, right? Also, the kartwheel in the field shot is just perfect!


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