{wedding} ~ jess & bren ~ sydney

May 2, 2011


Your photos are really beautiful, i love your work

I love how elegantly you capture each moment. You make everything from roads to sheds look like a special beautiful scene.

WOW !! Very beautiful! Congratulation !!!

awesome images… love the one of the guests dancing…

Crazy Beautiful!! I love every single photo.
New fan over here :)

These photos are proof that you’re one of the best wedding photographers. :) Congrats on making the Top 10, and these photos are amazing… esp. love the shot of the bride holding her bouquet outside the car. *Swoon* -Weddingish

I can hear, I can smell and I can feel,you did me a favor…que bien!

The “party photos” are awesome (as always)! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

wow. really lovely jonas.

redic. well done jonas. ps. big congrats on the Top 10. that’s amazing

brilliant as always Jonas.

Nice shoots, emotions and colours.

Excellent framing and very accurate colors. Congratulations, great job!!!

why are you so awesome sir?

Good Lord Jonas, you’re a beast. Really great work brother.

beautiful dress and of course, gorgeous images as always! perfect song choice too.

I’ve never commented on someones photography as much as yours but every time I see new content I feel I have to. It’s so raw, so different, many shots lack the technical perfection that defines much wedding photography (tho there is also a lot of techincal perfection!) but there in lies the magic (perhaps??). I love this set as much as the rest, I love your blog, inspiring.

beautiful, i love her dress.

How gorgeous! Love the photos you took! your talent astounds me.

Hay pocas cosas mejores que la sencillez y la naturalidad en un reportaje de boda. Jonas, tú las consigues ambas. Congratulations for a superb work !!!


Truly humbling. That work is incredible. That reception looks wild.

Amazing wedding! Her dress is gorgeous!!!

we want you back in sydney jonas!

my favourite one. now i’m also getting a jonas-jar.

Amazing photos loving the first dance from above!

dig’ em as usual. great reception venue.

you rock my friend. gorgeous couple and amazing you !

How cool is Slide McBride – love the loud hailer shot :)

It’s becoming a nice Sunday ritual to set everything aside, go into full screen, push play on your carefully picked music, and slowly scroll down, soaking up every image. Thank you.

captain awesome took these photos

Dude, just amazing! Really cool!

your pictures make me feel like i am best friends with the people in them. love.

Absolutely incredible from start to finish – awesome couple, awesome wedding, awesome images!

Gorgeous shots! You beautifully captured the energy, love and fun of this wedding.

Just beautiful – from beginning to end. Love the location of the ceremony :-)

Fantastic again man, love your stuff.

A-MAZING as usual!! And good song choice ;)

Her dress is to die for, and the photos are stunning!

Not bad for a runner up. ;) lol

Outstanding… a whole ‘nother level. Again.

First dance from above FTW!

these images are very consistent quality-wise. they also kick a$$ creatively.

beyond amazing, as usual :)

HI Jonas

Nice wedding and great shots, little note though. Something funky is going on with the greens in the trees :)

Amazing, amazing, again and again!! You are incredible, man!! Congrats form Spain!!!

Man. This is fantastic.

amazing pics, congratulations

I especially love the first image. And the last one. And all the ones in between. Not to mention that shot up the loud-hailer (so to speak! :~)