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  1. These photos are proof that you’re one of the best wedding photographers. :) Congrats on making the Top 10, and these photos are amazing… esp. love the shot of the bride holding her bouquet outside the car. *Swoon* -Weddingish

  2. I can hear, I can smell and I can feel,you did me a favor…que bien!

  3. I’ve never commented on someones photography as much as yours but every time I see new content I feel I have to. It’s so raw, so different, many shots lack the technical perfection that defines much wedding photography (tho there is also a lot of techincal perfection!) but there in lies the magic (perhaps??). I love this set as much as the rest, I love your blog, inspiring.

  4. Hay pocas cosas mejores que la sencillez y la naturalidad en un reportaje de boda. Jonas, tú las consigues ambas. Congratulations for a superb work !!!

  5. It’s becoming a nice Sunday ritual to set everything aside, go into full screen, push play on your carefully picked music, and slowly scroll down, soaking up every image. Thank you.

  6. HI Jonas

    Nice wedding and great shots, little note though. Something funky is going on with the greens in the trees :)

  7. I especially love the first image. And the last one. And all the ones in between. Not to mention that shot up the loud-hailer (so to speak! :~)


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