{wedding} Penny & Gerald

December 16, 2011


In a place that is archaic, exceptionally isolated, surrounded by 130,000 people living under plastic tarpaulins, no running water, no electricity, no food, no shops, no money…nothing….  In a place absent of all life pleasures, I found romance.

I found a man who I would want to spend the rest of my life with.


It was the 1st of February 2007 …Darfur, Sudan.  The largest refugee camp in the world.

There were 20 expatriate humanitarians living there.  I remember an incident happened in camp where many people were injured and laying on the ground.  We all worked so hard to assist these people throughout the darkness with no light and no water.


I turned around and Gerald was standing there. From the darkness where he had stood for hours observing the carnage, he stepped forward holding a box of Belgium Chocolates.  He wanted to share them with me. We had spoken briefly prior to this of our mutual love of chocolate, such a rare and precious thing in a place like this.

But right there, a lifetime away from the rest of the world, stood a Belgian man oozing of humbleness.

For me the rest was history.


All images edited with VSCO FILM.


Отличные снимки Йонас!
Гуру репортажа!!!

absolutely amazing once again!

Amazing work man. What a great couple too!

I love the way she walks and his expression while he is waiting for her! Awesome!@!@!@!!!

Beautifully shot Jonas. Another wonderfully captured couple in love.

Very good work, pictures are pretty good specially the pictures in night are so impressive.

Love your work, Jonas. Your use of negative space , especially – just gorgeous.

Genial post, me gusta la desaturaciond e verdes, saludos desde España!

Beautiful wedding, and that suit is mega. Great work Jonas!

Wonderfull … as always … thanks to inspire us ¡

Are these processed using VSCO? They look stunning!

Wow.. Jag menar wow, vilka fantastiska bilder!! Antar att du får höra det hela tiden men älskar dina bilder! Älskar att de har liv! Ljuset, färgerna är helt fantastiska! Även när delar av ett foto är suddigt, har bilden ändå skärpa.
Jaa.. Vet inte vad jag ska säga haha!

Great photography and I like the vsco film pack. This gives the photos a very special and unique look.

What a stunning locations and set of images… :)

ps. att du i början skrev med den lilla delen ur deras mail/brev bidrog verkligen till den magiska känslan. När man får veta lite bakgrund så ger det bilderna väldigt mycket mer mening. Annars hade det kanske bara kännts som ännu ett bröllop i fina bilder. Nu får det ett annat djup. Ha det bra

det är så fint så jag sitter o ryser. var bara tvungen att använda ballong/vinglas-bilden som skrivbordsbakgrund, hoppas det var ok. BEAUTIFUL

Thank you for the story:-)
I wish you and your family happy Christmas!

in love my friend, simple & powerful clicks.

tårar i ögonen. du lyckades verkligen förmedla deras kärlek till varandra och livet.

Jag får alltid samla mod inför att hälsa på dig här Jonas. För jag vet att det kommer att komma så starka känslor när jag gör det. Och är man inte beredd, kan bli totalt knockad.


precious love. Beautiful moments. Artful captures. Heart wide open wonder & delight.

This is 2011’s Nick&Surya.

jonas…your storytelling does justice to the incredible genesis of their relationship. i am grateful that this amazing couple reached out to you, and grateful that you have extended this to us. humbled.

Where was this wedding, Jonas? Amazing location.

jonas, you make “perfect” even better each time. what an incredible couple!! just beautiful in every way…

I just love these! SUCH love… such happiness! Absolutely superb photography.

Skills. Those aisle shots are the business!

I always look forward to your latest post. Once again, you don’t disappoint. What a location. But overriding that is the emotion that you’ve captured in the shots. Beautiful work.

These especially give me goosebumps as we were married at Hidden Grove earlier this year – the most beautiful location and a spot that is continually filled with beaming love. Your images capture that every part of that so clearly. Love.

Super-Dooper Fabulous Jonas ♥ magical and FUN as always xx

That last shot is really nice

wahahaha… I love how she did the fist pump in the air… like a victory!

Underbara bilder…..som vanligt :)

That’s what it’s about, right there.

Absolute magic!!! Their love for each other is so palpable in these photos, the series of when he first sees her is simply priceless. This may be one of my favourites yet!! Really sublime!

Inspiring story. Intimate wedding and stunning photos. Thank you for sharing!!

i love your work Jonas :) very nice!!

seriously breathtaking, inspiring, heart lifting. love.

Jonas, another great wedding….all the best…

True romance, they look lovely together.

boom time!!! . arcade fire rock, classic debut album :)

I love their story. I wish we got to hear more of them! Those pictures when Gerald first sees his bride are wonderful – he’s so perfectly happy.

Incredible Jonas, simply incredible! The fact that Arcade Fire is in the background just added to the undeniable joy shown throughout the day. Bravo!

Färgerna är alltid optimala i dina bilder.

Beautiful man .. in every single way

Smiled the whole way through…then teared up a bit. You’ve done your job :). Love your work so much.

Du måste nästan vara lite oemottaglig för alla positiva ord gällande dina bilder vid det här laget.

Det enda jag kan säga är att jag, efter att ha sett det här, kanske möjligtvis är en smula sugen på att gifta mig. jag tror inte ens på äktenskapet som institution, men just här och nu är jag beredd att omvärdera den ståndpunkten.

och oh, klockrent musikval!

Thanks for making me. Feel.

These two make me so unexplainably happy. They just look completely in the moment in every single photo. Beautiful, Jonas.

Beautiful love story. And now they have a beautiful wedding story. Nicely done dude.

What beautiful, beautiful souls, left me with a lump in my throat. Storytelling at it’s finest, as always.

Awesome story. Gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

Wow – you just get better and better. First rate.