{amber & damien} ~ wedding ~ brisbane

July 16, 2010

On my way home from Amber and Damien’s wedding in Brisbane, I remember feeling so extremely happy. Happy because I have found this job, or of this job found me, I don’t know. I get to meet amazing people on the happiest day of their lives. It’s easy to get a little cheesy talking about it, but it truly is such an honor. Amber was also one of the happiest brides I have ever seen. The whole day was a LOL fest, a smorgasbord of giggles and belly laughs. It’s hard not to be happy then. This wedding was recently featured on the beautiful blog 100 Layer Cake. Check it out for more details.


Lovely grading – spectacular!!

every image brings something to the table. very well done.. (again)

I LOVE her dress. You are so amazing at what you do too! I am in love with absolutely every picture.

a.maz.ing… each and every image! you are so talented… just beautiful!

If you told me your processing secrets, would you have to kill me? Really cool pics.

Fantastiskt vackra bilder! Du verkar leva ett skönt liv over there down under vikingaland.
Jag, en svennetjej, gillar att titta in hos dig. Tack för the playlist btw. :)

So many favorites here – beautifully done as always!

Very nice pictures Jonas! I liked very much the one with the flare inside the car.

I want to put the old man in my pocket and take him home, that’s how adorable he is. The bride and her dress = stunning. Your photos = spectacular. Jonas. I love your style.

FAV wedding yet! And how cool is grandpa getting down and boogying?! And you caught it!

Is the father of the bride ex – footballer Kerry Boustead??? Great work again Jonas – you are The Best Ever. XXX

Oh my god….this is so absolutely stunning! Her dress, her flowers, her love for her man…..this is what getting married is all about, love love love..I just want to keep looking at these photos!!

so beautiful. Out of control good.

These are my favourites so far among all your beautiful wedding photos. You portrait this lovely occasion with wonderful colours and as always a stunning sense of details. Btw, her dress is absolutely gorgeous. :)

Wow… that dress is fantastic. Nice work Jonas!

Fantastic shots! Pleasure to watch.

wow. killer post man. those portraits + candids are unreal

Absolutely awesome!! Love the church images, and that dress is spectacular

haha!! “You never disappoint!”

Amazing as always. You never fail to disappoint!

Just stunning. The wedding is gorgeous, but the way you captured it is really stunning. Also, the detail in her dress and the shadows is just lovely. You continue to raise the bar on awesomeness.

um i’m going to say this, and i totally mean it. i think you are the best thing out there in this industry. seriously.

poetry on every frame, love it!

She must be the happiest woman in the world.

Beautiful work as always! I find it amazing how inspiring happy people can be. her dress is gorgeous and that wire hanger is very rad.

wow. you really are one of the best. truly.

oh yes, that flare shot!!!!!!!

The flare shot killed me.


Loving these, and how beautiful is the bride?

Best one yet, Jonas. You had me laughing (I can hear the bride’s laugh in the pictures) and crying. Thanks.

The photograph of the bride and groom walking down the aisle is beautiful. You feel so ‘in the moment’ when you look at it. Beautiful.

The Brides portraits & the backseat flare shot are top of pops. I remember seeing a few teaser shots from this wedding a while back. The whole set is brilliant.

Lovely! Gillar mest bilden med den lilla flickan kikande över muren och den i bilen.

kids in the church, dynamite!!

delish. delish. thanks j x

you are good at things, my friend.

om nom phenom bomb.com so dang good jonas. the image of the groomsmen – perfect t/s IMO. And the diptych of her between the bushes – all time. blog again soon, please.

Beautiful wedding. I love her dress! Great work, buster.

Awesome man. Love the portraits of the bride after the ceremony.

PERFECTION! always! every post is better than the last, love it!

You are SO bloody good at what you do! Love all of them.