{wedding} ~ Karen & Armin ~ McLaren Vale

April 10, 2012

Karen and Armin’s wedding was also featured on OnceWed today. Go there for all the detail goodness.

Music credit: The Shaky Hands – Summer’s Life (iTunes)


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Ist really really beautiful


love these!

Awesome content guys, love the photographs!

those trees just look magical, all kinds of awesome

Nothing special..

Wow!! Beautiful work, absolutely stunning.

Amazing. The black and white first dance pictures are stunning!

فوق العادهایی و دوست داشتنی

Beautiful images Jonas, and I love Karen’s style!

Absolutely stunning wedding photography – well done!

Maravilloso trabajo ! lleno de sentimiento y ternura.

Gorgeous, natural and so stylish! All the best.

How I love to watch your series. Мagnificently!

I always get lost in your pictures and cry quite a lot too. You are brilliant.

Great work! Especially the black and white series is awesome!

Love this wedding and the dress! I saw a portrait of the bride months ago and didn’t realize this was your work, but her style inspired a lot of my direction for my own wedding. Beautifully shot, of course. :)

I adore the space and energy in your images. They’re so clever and so cool. Just like the happy couple!

Extremely cool wedding to cover. Congrats!

Amazingly beautiful photos!!!

One of my favorite portraits. Stuning! Love your work.

Wow! Stunning images, beautiful couple.

Awesome content guys, love the photographs!

Un mariage magnifique ! J’adore la robe, l’ambiance. Les mariés semblent très amoureux !

wow this is so beautiful I wanna cry… I wish them a happy life ;-)



What a stunning wedding! The high key shots of the bride getting ready are really wonderful and I love the portraiture.

Well i’m not usually very attracted to wedding pictures (even though some are really nice i must say), nor to the whole wedding idea and all… But this one took my breath away -and moved me. I wish these persons all the love that can be, and a long & happy life. And i wish the photographer a long & busy working life too!

Wow. what a gorgeous wedding and the way you captured the backlighting is unbelievable. Love the impromptu bridal portrait in the trees!

Helt maaaaagiska bilder!

all images is look gorgeous n beautiful. :)

Truly stunning work as always Jonas, a constant inspiration.

How beautiful does this wedding look, I just love the shot with the trees, Stunning!

So amazing!! Love ur job :-)

Wow! These are amazingness all rolled into multiple images. I LOVE!

I love the brides JP Dress and I love the story you have told. Great altogether.

Awesome Portrait of the bride. I can’t get over the colors.

Seriously amazing wedding and photos, Jonas!

Another fantastic set of images Jonas….you never fail to impress!

incredible. wow.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw those sunset photos of the bride and groom. Just beautiful!

this wedding makes me want to cry tears of wedding joy, your photography is beautiful.

Lovely Wedding, some gorgeous *wow* shots there :-)

Wow, you’ve got some stalkers! :) The Shaky Hands = awesome!


Wow.. Just awesome.
From starting till end, Just keep watching.
Thats what the images might be saying to us.
Fantastic work done.

Beautiful!! I love your photos Jonas!

I’m not sure how you do it, but you do it well. :)

Crackin’ sunset portraits mate!

WOW! Really nice wedding! I loved how you captured the atmosphere!!! The pics in the wood and the sunset pics are AMAZING! I admire them!! Many saluti from Tuscany.

Ma’am, Your Dress Is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! After seeing this I think I may want to get married in Pink also…. Wonderful Pictures taken By your Photographer as well. I’d like to say Congratulations on the Wedding and I Hope for all the Best in Your Marriage! xx

I was never one to dream up my future wedding…but I am now! Stunning bridal dress, amazing table decor and incredible setting. Jonas, you have an incredible eye and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Your images and the weddings you photograph are extraordinary.

This is one gorgeous wedding! Love it!
Especially the bride’s tattoos!

You are absolutely brilliant, Jonas.

I’m speechless… This wedding is stunning! The bride… wow, you can’t take your eyes off her. Everything about her looks absolutely perfect. Gorgeous photography. Nearly surreal…

This photography is incredible and draws a visceral response of such beauty….ok that was very dramatic, but very true. This is maybe the best photography of a wedding I’ve seen. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL work.

Everything about this is beautiful! Sensational! x

That sunset photo (with the tree) is absolutely incredible. What perfect timing! Great work, man.

Francamente sin palabrasa, hermoso trabajo, felicitaciones. Inspirador y admirable. Saludos

This has to be one of my favourite set of images from you fella, and a big fan of the brides tattoo!

I ADORE Jenny Packham gowns. Can only pray I can get my hands on one in the future. I saw this featured on Once Wed at first and I was already “Ooohing and Aaahing” internally… so much loveliness. And she’s so cute.

Dear Jonas,
if you search the web you find so many photographers who can capture technical perfect photographs (you too of course) but only a very few can capture a special feeling. I mean you photographs have always a great story, atmosphere and with your music choice you are giving me the opportunity/feeling that I was at the wedding too. This is what a great photographer is all about in m eyes! Thank you so much and keep going!

…och han gör det IGEN…!!

Tröttnar du aldrig på att höra hur grym du är? DU ÄR GRYM!!!

Gorgeous! The black & white dancing photos are incredible. Amazing work.

Amazing! Nice work on the sunset, and love the first dance shots too.

Stunning stuff. Great set once again, just ordered my 45mm ts-e so cant wait to start shooting with it. :-)

Great storytelling coverage, Jonas. Esp, the first dance ; backlighting makes the dance looks awesome.

Beautiful, I love the muted palate of the bridal preperations.

Stunning! I am your newest fan! Artographybyinna.com is my blog.

I have no words. I’m literally speechless.
Thank you, again, for being a constant source of fresh inspiration to me. I can’t get enough of your work. Can’t. Get. Enough.

these pictures are AMAZING… I ASPIRE to take photos like this. I need to know your lighting secrets!!!

flippin heck. This couple. Your photographs. What a memorable combination. Words fail me.

Apart from the dress, which I love, and the dancing shots, which are phenomenal, I love the hugging shot in front of the sideboard and the fact that you’ve even left the phone in on the wall. What you’ve really nailed so well, apart from everything else, is the selection and quantity of photos for this story. It’s totally perfect.

Wow, masterful! Very inspiring!

that’s my wedding dress! gorgeous shots, jonas.

Love the idea of getting married in pink… sigh…

This is a lovely series. I need to figure out how to find couples like this in LA — they certainly aren’t hanging out on Style Me Pretty…

What a wonderful wedding ! I had been waiting the full wedding story after the incredible snap you gave us a couple of months back with this picture in the woods. That was a great starter, but the full menu is definitely the best we could have had.

Can I ask you what lens you used for most of these? They are beautiful.

jonas. you blow me away. every. single. time.

And, oh my freakin God – the dress is so beautiful it makes my stomach ache!!!!

so so so beautiful. the processing is completely stunning and the couple is out of this world gorgeous. this one really is killer.

These are STUNNING, Jonas. I read your blog regularly and always love the photos, but these really took my breath away. Incredible. Looks like it was such a beautiful day to share and be a part of. Her dress & tattoo are so gorgeous. Love love love these.

These are so lovely. What a genuine couple and a wonderful capture of their beautiful day.

This wedding is absolutely stunning! Your work is beautiful Jonas but one of the reasons I think this wedding is so wonderful is because of the couple and the environment. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so pure and beautiful before. You did an amazing job capturing it!

No words to describe this other than – STUNNING!!!!!

Masterful Jonas…sunset tree shot FTW

Beautiful work Jonas! How happy your clients have to be when they see the images from their wedding/session. Very inspiring!

Wow, great photography…again! And what a cute couple! Wish I was there…

I love everything about this. Simply stunning.

Awesome, I absolutely LOVE it. All of it!!

Amazing, where does one start.. they should all go straight to the pool room!

Wow! her dress!! Beautiful clean shots!

phenominal! this is just pure brilliance!

Really love your clean frames in this one. As always, amazing!

Vajjert!! Bästa på länge

Those first dance shots are KILLER.

…men hallå…vilka bilder, helt underbara! Jag bara älskar den bilden när de står i en träddunge och bruden tittar bort från kameran -magisk!

Word fail, but you have captured it all so who needs them :)

Such a rad bride and dress! Love the dancing shots!

Amazing photos! Like always, very inspiring.

I was going to say the portrait under the archway of trees was my favourite, but then I saw the sunset shots. Just fantastic.

Wow. That is all I’ll say before I write an essay :D

120% awesome. what an incredible sky!

Magnificent work as always Jonas.

Wow! This wedding gown is incredible! Its like some mesmerizing dream, I can’t stop looking. I love the shot of the couple in the trees, its like a fairy-tale come true. Love it!!!

Amazing!! I wish it was possible to pin your stuff to Pinterest :)

WOW, my usual response I guess. The background is so creamy and flat in some of those couple shots, I wonder what lens you were using, BEAUTIFUL AS USUAL.

Wonderful journey! First I saw from you. Was linked in by a photographer. If you’re not already you should start a blog. I think a lot of people would be interested in getting tips and reading stories from you!

Absolutele awesome work. Keep it up! :)

I make my husband look at your blog everytime you post something new. I always know I’ll be floored. This is one of my favorites of yours.

You take photos like a boss, seriously.

I don’t know how else to describe it, but your images show what a great deal of respect you have for your clients and that is a beautiful thing

Natural, fresh and honest work. I love your wedding pics !!!

Absolutely gorgeous!! especially the sunset one

Hello Jonas,

You make always the most beautifuls and Elegants reportages than I saw ! Thanks because it’s like a sweet for my eyes !


Great images, fantastic location.

The sunset frames

Beautiful work as always! Love the light for the first dance :)

Another stunning performance Jonas. Beautiful images with an equally beautiful bride and groom, and venue. You take the benchmark higher with each blog posting.

Seriously!!?!!! Just beautiful. I loved her dress and loved the fact that the sky totally cooperated. You couldn’t have asked for better. And the b&w’s at the reception of just the two of them with the back light… perfect.

like always.. u nailed it

These are so good, it hurts!

Wonderful justice to those McLaren Vale skies. Wonderful.

Jonas!! You have a big fan in Mérida, Yucatán, México!! =)

I officially have a new favorite wedding of yours.

So beautiful.

And this is why you launch a thousand trends with each post. You’re the best blogger out there. The horizontal triptych is brilliant and I can’t help but smile with her.

Goodness gracious, beautiful wedding! Loved the dramatic sky images….amazing!

Wonderful work on this wedding, JP. Edgy and classy all at once.

Killed it, Jonas. As usual.

are you serious… so good man. so good. love this just as much as the harbor island set. fantastic.

Woah dude. The sunset shot with the tree is incredible.

The b&w dancing picture with her leg. OMG. Beautiful work.

Wow, really ‘JP’? How do you do it? I mean, every one of your fans just strokes you, hard. I bet you could post a macro shot of your chocolate starfish squinting in the sun, slap on a vsco preset and you will still get the same feedback. Kudos.

whoa…*jaw on floor* the dress… amazing! I heart the b&w dancing photos, just such a beauitful wedding. Epic photography.

This is fantastic! I’ve been waiting to see the post from this wedding since you posted the image of the bride a little while ago. You never disappoint!

I can never quite believe how every single wedding seems to blow me away. Love the work as always, especially the ceremony ones with that great sky and the shot of Karen and Armin with the overcast sky.

Wow. She’s gorgeous and these photos made her (and him) look even more so. You made wonderful art here.

OMG!!! This is perfection!!!!!!

I absolutely love the sunset portrait in front of the tree!

wow, wow, wow! I’m speechless!!!!!

Very moving , love the candid of the chap with the X100, but overall such a beautiful collection of story telling images, as always.

The image of the bride dancing is just so sensual, joyous and artistc.

This is exquisite on every single level. Beautiful, beautiful work xXx

Right, that’s it. I’m hanging up my cameras for good. Grr.

Oh golly. Jonas, you never cease to amaze me – as cliche as that sounds. You set the bar so high for us wedding photographers. Bravo.

You raise the bar again JP. Wonderful.

it’s amazing Jonas. You did a wonderful job on what seems to be a wonderful wedding. Her dress is SO gorgeous. Loved all of it.

Fan-tastiskt. Och vilken klänning!

1. I want her dress.
2. I wish I looked that good in red lipstick.
3. Those black & white dancing shots are blowing my mind! (Well, really the whole wedding is.) GORGEOUS!

Ridiculously amazing JP. One of your finest.

Beautiful work as always. The photo of Karen at the head of the table, and the last photo, of everyone inside, are particularly striking. Again and again, your talent as a storyteller first and foremost amazes me. Wonderful work.

great work as usual, jonas…and what a killer dress on a gorgeous bride!