{andy & cecilia} ~ wedding ~ sweden

August 5, 2009

I have lived in Australia for five years and in many ways I’m turning Aussie. I still can’t do Vegemite, but you never know, one day maybe. When Cecilia contacted me about shooting her wedding in Sweden I knew I wanted to do it. Andy is Australian and Cecilia Swedish and they live in Sydney. Their story is in many ways mine. Unfortunately I didn’t think I’d be able to be in Sweden for their wedding, so I had to turn it down. Months later I decided to go over and visit my family in Sweden and remembering Cecilia, I contacted her again. She still loved the thought of me shooting their wedding, so I packed my gear and jumped on a plane.

Svärdsjö in Dalarna in Sweden pretty much epitomizes what Sweden is, what it looks like, how it feels, smells and sounds and I was wondering if I would be able to capture it properly.

This was my first Swedish wedding, but hopefully not my last.

I normally put a slideshow last in my posts, but this time I ask you to watch it first. The music is a traditional Swedish hymn about summer, sung by artist Sofia Karlsson. It was also played on the church organ during the ceremony which I unfortunately wasn’t allowed to shoot.

You can watch the slideshow here.

These are just a few of my favourite shots from the day.



[…] This year I’m shooting weddings all over Australia, but also in Asia, Europe and North America. I simply love to travel. And the thing is I actually love the actual traveling too. Once you arrive somewhere you’re static. Since I’m Swedish, I have to mention the wedding I shot in Sweden last year. It was my first time back in Sweden for a couple of years and my first Swedish wedding. It was a long Swedish summer night by a beautiful lake. To me it felt like being in a Swedish fairytale. You can find the wedding here. […]

Amazing vivid shots! Don’t know which picture I love more. Perhaps it’s the stunning background. Well done x

Wow stunning, such a unique style. Absolutely love the party shots.

These are some creative and imaginative shots. Love them. I especially like the Black and White shots. Professionally done.

[…] an all Swedish wedding. Two years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long btw) I shot Andy and Cecilia’s wedding in Sweden, but as with the ones I’ve done this year, they’ve all been about cultures […]

So simple. (If you know what I mean) but so beautifully done…

Wow, absolutely beatiful, in every aspect.

Very inspiring pictures. I also like the slide show. Simply amazing.

I don’t leave commets but this time I must – your images are like nothing I’ve seen before.. out of this world.


Helt underbart vackra bilder som vanligt. Du lyckades verkligen fånga essensen av Sverige.

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The Flower shot up the aisle to the alter is straight up magic. talk about tilt shift how it is supposed to be used. Amazing.

Simply gorgeous!

Surfade runt och hamnade på din site.
Fantastiskt fint arbete, jag blir sällan berörd, men detta var roligt att se.
Lycka till!

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[…] This year I’m shooting weddings all over Australia, but also in Asia, Europe and North America. I simply love to travel. And the thing is I actually love the actual traveling too. Once you arrive somewhere you’re static. Since I’m Swedish, I have to mention the wedding I shot in Sweden last year. It was my first time back in Sweden for a couple of years and my first Swedish wedding. It was a long Swedish summer night by a beautiful lake. To me it felt like being in a Swedish fairytale. You can find the wedding here. […]

Kunde inte låta bli att gå in och kolla in slideshowen igen. Du är så grym, Jonas. Du har mer talang i ditt lillfinger än vad jag någonsin kommer att ha i hela kroppen. Sluta aldrig.

I loved everyone of the photos, you are very talented!!! My teenage daughter loved your photos too and she have already decided who´s gonna take pictures at her wedding. :)

Jösses. Jag tappar hakan.

WOW! Det är det enda jag kan säga! Herregud, va avundssjuk man blir!

Vilka underbart vackra foton!

I must say, Wow what a beautiful album here you have taken

[…] and yet another wedding photographer […]

being from dalarna i really think you captured the feeling. i leave in stockholm nowadays, and looking at your photos made me kind of homesick. now i’m sure that i want to get married in dalarna…

Jonas, this is the first time I see your work, men, I´m speechless, it´s of a sublime beauty and aesthetics. I relly like the almost inapreciable precense of you in this pictures. they feel so real, so hand picked. really a fresh inspiration, thanks for sharing. I will be visiting your blog often.


Wow! Amazing job! Your style and story telling is impeccable.

Grymt inspirerande. Du har verkligen fångat Sverige och paret. Jag hade inte tid egentligen, men fastnade helt i bildspelet. Grymt bra.
You sure captured Sweden at its best. I couldnt leave the slideshow once i started it. Your pics are awesome, keep it up!


Gud vad vackert. Vet inte vad jag ska säga. Du tar fantastiska bilder. Det räcker tror jag.

Mina ord känns nästan överflödiga, men jag vill ändå säga: Fantastiskt ljuvliga svenska bilder och du har en blick för det lite annorlunda! Tack för titten, Jonas!

It all looks very magical & fairy tale, Sweden looks beautiful!

It all looks very magical & fairly tale, Sweden looks beautiful!

WOW!!! You are an inspiration! These photos are beautiful!

fajne, zdjecia i zobacz co goscie maja naklejone na ubraniach : my name is …. :)

Absolutely breathtaking. You’re an artist.

Dear Jonas, Many photographers can take beautiful pictures but not many can bind them into as compelling narrative as you. Your writing is achingly beautiful too. All the best my friend.

I was an exchange student in Sweden 30-some years ago and lived with a family out in the country around Sigtuna. Your photos, especially those of the countryside and the lake, made me want to go back right now! If you ever need a second shooter from the USA, let me know.

absolutely gorgeous in every shape and form and a devine song to top it off….

Found your site from Boutwell’s Totally Rad Actions tweet. Stunning! What a beautiful wedding, you captured the details so well.

These are some seriously beautiful and moving shots. I’m a 45-year-old guy and even I got a little choked up looking at your photos. What do you shoot with? Amazing stuff.

Mycket finna bilder på detta bröllop
lycka till i fortsättningen
M.v.h. Mattz

I guess you´re no longer worrying about your ability to capture it or not.. Yes, I just had a glass of wine, but I’m confident that my eyes would have been full of tears with or without it.. You are an artist and you have a signature in your shots that go beyond country and type of wedding. Love, love, love it.

Underbara bilder, tårarna är nära! Du är en fantastisk fotograf!

Ja du har helt rätt om att Svärdsjö är väldigt Svenskt. Har bott där ett tag och lite längre i Vindtjärn som ligger nära. :D
Jättevackra bilder också! Skön stil.

Åhh gudars vad fint!
Den första bilden med björkarna motsvarar nästan alla mina drömmar om hur man ska fånga världens vackraste träd på bild, och den då brudparet står mitt emot varandra framför en loge är helt makalöst vacker.
Och ja, kulningsbilden likaså.

Jag hoppas också på fler svenska bröllop framöver!

A touch of Sweden, still so much … You. Amazing.

[…] så man nästan kan dö. Åtminstone slänga bort sin kamera för att aldrig ta fram den igen. Senaste bröllopet han fotat i Sverige är bara så enastående bra. Välj gärna slideshowen som har musik till så är det garanterad […]

Honestly, there was something like 10-15 pics in that slideshow where I said “that must be the best pic i’ve seen this year”… “no, this one it is”…”or this…”
Keep this up, and you’ll have very busy years ahead of you – add me in the line of people who wants you for my future wedding, whenever that will be.

Beautiful pictures and beautiful bride and groom! Dalarna rocks!

Absolutely, positively breathtaking. Each photo is perfect in its own way and encompasses its own story – I love them all! And I think my heart stopped when I saw the beautiful fresh reception details. What a gorgeous wedding and what amazing photos!

jag har aldrig varit en sån där tjej som drömmer om ett stort prinsessbröllop och har planerat det sedan barnsben, men en sak vet jag; om jag någonsin gifter mig, då ska du fotografera, kosta vad det kosta vill. underbara bilder.

Sweden is so pretty. Love their style as captured by you :)

Brilliant. As always.

The pics are amazingly beautiful. You have a true wonderful gift Jonas!

Väldigt inspirerande och fina bilder. Jag förundras över att du levererar toppenbilder varje gång! Du använder T/S optik väldigt mycket. Vilken optik kör du med?

You sure has chose the most appropriate profession for yourself. Your talent is beyond any limits i think. And this wedding, as all of them, was to say the least: nonpareil!

@All – Thanks so much for all the amazing comments
@Pontus – Tilt shift, baby.

Riktigt snyggt Jonas. Kul att se Sverige, precis som så många andra sagt.
Kör du TS-objektiv eller fuskar du lite i efterhand. Hur som helst riktigt snygga effekter!

Skulle kunna gifta om mig med maken enbart för att få dessa underbara bilder, vet inte hur du gör, men man blir väldigt rörd av dina bröllopsbilder.
Öhhh, skulle detta skrivits på engelska….tooooo late!

I was just asked to be the photographer at a friends wedding next year. I´ll fill my head with inspiration from your photos til that day comes :)

Du kommer åt någon konstig punk med dina bilder. Tårarna bara rinner. Någonslags blandning mellan lyckotårar och jag vet inte vad.

Du är fruktansvärt bra!

Fucking amazing composition!!

I think I am a bit sad now, the feeling your pictures left me in… Maybe you open my eyes and let me realise how beautiful my homecountry is, even though I deny it all the time…
But what about the cake? I want to see a picture, please..

Wow,I have never seen such imaginative wedding photos. So natural. I wish I could have been there. It looked amazing.

incredible beautiful, i just found my dream wedding

Jonas, you are TOOOO awesome. i can’t get enough of your wedding photography!

Att se det landskap jag är uppvuxen i, sett genom din kameralins, är något av det mest känslosamma jag varit med om. Och du lyckas fånga människorna på ett sätt som aldrig kommer att sluta fascinera mig. Helt fantastiskt. Du är fantastisk.

Tack för inspirationen!

Jonas, amazing work as usual, I love the available light shots at the reception/dance floor… great work keep it up… I enjoy your work.

Oh. My. God.

I’m only ninteen but I wanna get married right now, only because of these pictures. They are absolutely fantastic. I’m stunned.

These pics made me so happy.

Thanx, Jonas!

Vilka underbara bilder! Du är grym. Håller tummarna för att du är ledig den dagen jag ska gifta mig :)

As always – Beautiful `=) Love everything about it! I really do hope that when I get marry you can be our photographer. Your pictures really are a memory for life! `=)

Ditt bästa bröllop hittils.

Stunning. I’m a swedish expat myself, born and raised in the deep woods of Darlecarlia, not far from Svärdsjö. Your photos of this amazing wedding shows all the beauty that i try to transmit to my non-swedish friends, thank you for providing me with a perfect image of my Sweden. Love your work. Keep it up! XXX

Så otroligt vackra bilder, jag blir alldeles stum! Du har fångat stämningen så bra så det känns nästan som att man varit med som en osynlig fluga på väggen!

Suveränt! Jag är inte förvånad längre , det är så här det är med dig!

Amazing is not enough to do justice to your beautiful and touching photographs…

Jonas, you really did capture Sweden, the Swedish summer, nature and the light. When I looked at your slideshow I fell in love with Sweden. Again. I live there but you know, sometimes one has a tendence to not see what’s going on around you. Amazing and beatiful pictures. As always. God, I wish I could take pictures like you! I’m a big fan. Escpecially loved the picture where the bride is looking behind her husbands shoulder.

Underbart! Så otroligt vackert.
Vilka suveräna bilder!

So amazing! I am actually sitting at my desk crying. Svärdsjö will never be the same again :-)

These photos are your best ever, you have become better than yourself! I usually don’t wish people to get success, because after that there is nothing to work for, but you should have it, all of it, and grow in your work,,, heck, every photo you take is better than the previous.
You were made to be the one who captures moments. A photographer.

Oh, my, god, you did it again. The swedishness, and the… everything. Love those Wedding Survival Kits and the entire theme. And the bride… my favourite dress so far, lovely.
I told you I wouldn’t be disappointed! ;)

Wow you reallu captured Sweden! it’s super beautiful.

Your pictures are just amazing! The slideshow with the music goes right to your heart. I’m touched. You have also manage to capture the essence of the Swedish summer. Wonderful.

I might as well write this in english so that others can take part of my message.
There are absolutely no words for how much I admire you. Your pictures are alive and the pierce right through the viewer. They do not seem still as there always is a movement in them.
The slideshows you make with the music just makes perfection even more perfect (if that is possible).
I am grateful for the day my teacher in journalism, three years ago, told us that we should google “Silverfisken”.

Stund and amazed!

beautiful work jonas as usual, your landscape work is phenomenal!

Wow, looks beautiful and very swedish. Really captured the essence of swedish summertime. Sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to stockholm BTW.

Oh my god. I still got chills after looking at that slideshow. It was absolutely amazing and your pictures truly fabolous.

Så perfekt som det kan bli. Gillar verkligen bilden inne i kyrkan. Blommorna riktigt “lyser”.

Absolutely amazing Jonas! Tack tack!

I don’t know how you do it, but you make every photo session look like a magical fairytale. And me cry like a baby. You are so talented. Never stop making magic.

Truly amazing! I think my favourite is the two girls and the lake. It really captures the Dalecarlian soul. Yes, I’m from Dalecarlia. :)

Jonas. För mig som var där har du bara förstärkt och bekräftat den underbara dagen, kvällen och natten. Bilderna är så klart fantastiska, inte för att jag hade väntat mig något annat. Bilderna och musiken tillsammans… Var. Magi. TACK!!

underbart vackra bilder. Du får mig förälskad i mitt alldeles egna Sverige…

Amazing, it’s your pictures, your style and the feeling is the same as in your other pictures. But yet, somewhat different.Most have something to do with Swweden :) Beautiful nevertheless.

Great work Jonas! Your love for Sweden is evident in the frames.

Jag vet inte varför men, jag blir rörd. Det är förmodligen en känsla i bilderna som du får fram. Otroligt vackert!

Beautiful pictures! Amazing!

In some ways I think this is the best wedding photo shoot you’ve ever done. Great work!

Fantastiskt som vanligt!!!

Underbart Jonas! Samma grymma feeling i bilderna, kryddat med en rejäl portion Sverige.

You DID IT!! You captured Sweden. Your best photos. Love Love LOVE. Fan sminket svider i ögonen av alla tårar. Jonas! You are fantastic.

Ja, vad ska man säga. Går igång på varenda bild. Magiskt, vackert och alldeles underbart! Du måste fota mer i Sverige :-)
/ Karin

heyy! no flash in the dance pics! :) they are awesome, every single one. sorry, i looked at the pics first, am going to see the slideshow now…

Especially loved the “HELLO my name is Sven” photo! :)

Oh… oh…

Det är sååå pastoralt – utan att bli puttenuttigt.


simply amazing!

Magiskt. Tack Jonas!

Fun! Loved the Swedish KRAM (hug) – it showed so well their nationalites.

Så roligt att få se ett svenskt bröllop. Tycker du fångade svenskheten mycket bra. Är tagen av att se sliden och höra melodin, mycket vackert.

snyggt som fan.

Absolutely amazing pics!

Oh dear. That slideshow made me cry.

Beautiful as always. Love the bride’s dress!!