I was interviewed today. I always find it interesting and weird at the same time. I’m amazed that people want to hear about my approach to wedding photography. Well maybe not amazed, I get why, but it’s still interesting. It also means I have to verbalize what my actual approach is.

I never sat down and looked at what potential clients would be interested in, never looked at graphs of demographics or scouted out the competition. It was more a “this is how I want to do it” kind of decision. Call it the “Gut Feeling Approach”. I shoot the way I do because that’s how I’d want my wedding shot. No sneaky niche marketing, find your audience approach. More a “hello, this is what I like, whaddyareckon?” kind of approach. So far it’s worked out quite well.

So yeah, I enjoyed the interview.

Johannes, the guy who interviewed me is a very talented photographer, probably the best in New Zealand, and that of course made me even more nervous. I even dressed up for it. For an interview. Over the net. Silly, huh? But once we started talking I was fine. Or at least I hope so. The interview is for a project the album makers Queensberry is doing and I’ll post a link here once it’s up online. I’ve recently started working with Queensberry and am thrilled about what we’ll be able to do together.

I’ll tell you more about it soon.

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  1. hello from chilly canada
    just stumbled upon your work tonight..
    kind of one of those late night inspiration session things…
    i like your attitude and your integrity.
    it seems like these days anyone can take photos…but i don’t think everyone
    can be a photographer.
    i can tell you’re a true photographer.

    i’m definitely going to keep my eye on your stuff.

  2. I love these insights into how people think. Thanks for dressing up too.
    Its weird … somebody does something cool and everybody wants a piece of it.
    I didn’t want the interview to come across like that …
    Jonas we love what you are doing. If I was ever going to give you something back I would say this.
    Always treasure your family … they will fend off the insanity with the returning of your love.
    Remember how it feels to photograph somebody for their first time …. this ‘virginity fights off complacency’
    And always be in love with your clients.

    Thanks for the interview

    Johannes and Queensberry


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