{anthony & alexandra} ~ wedding ~ palm cove

23 people sharing a great day in Palm Cove, Queensland, that’s all it takes. Alexandra and Anthony have been traveling the world for six months and have six months to go before they get back to their jobs in London. I don’t know when they decided to get married, but I’m very happy I got to be a part of their little secret. See, they decided to elope. Well, sort of. 23 of their closest friends and family were in on their plans, and Alexandra’s family now lives in Cairns, but the rest back in London and around Oz were informed just the other day. After the wedding. I have read the Facebook status updates today and believe me, it’s total mayhem. You did…huh? Whaaaat?? Well, it was a pretty amazing day, people and you all should have been there. That’s all I can say. It was actually pure magic.

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  1. Jonas – what a breathtaking set. I always love how you capture the minute details of the day, things others don’t notice, along with the atmospheric landscapes that represent their locale. And I ADORE the grooms portrait- his eyes are stunning!

  2. Underbart!
    Det mest fantastiska är att man känner sej delaktig när man ser dina bilder, du lyckas verkligen förmedla en historia, jätte vackert!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love them all, and the one taken from a distance, looking at the wedding party… Wonderful!

  4. JP – you’re the man of the moment! The calibre of your work is so consistently awesome!! This is looking like such a great year for you, & such a great year for the industry. Thanks for inspiring everybody!

  5. What a good idea! just 23 people! who else you need!! well done Peter! I love all the details….you can always make me feel i was there :D

  6. det finns inte ord för hur fina bilder du tar! seriöst!! du är min favoritfotograf. vad använder du för kamera egentligen? flera olika? och objektiv? vill jättegärna veta!! tack

  7. If I ever get married, this is what I would do. Small, intimate…

    I read somewhere (maybe Formspring) that you don’t understand the hype around you.

    I do.

  8. What a terrific set. Like others have said, it’s really the sense of story that sticks out to me. I fully feel like I was right there at the wedding.

  9. I don’t know of it’s because of the way you wrote about it, but Jonas, this is one of my favorite wedding postings of yours!

  10. One aspect of your photography that stands out is the story that you’re able to tell through pictures. You can almost feel the emotions of the day – it’s excellent.

  11. that shot of alexandra walking down the “aisle” with who I can only assume is her father. EPIC. Hell, I want a copy of that.

  12. Such a warm feeling from looking at these photos. There’s a calmness & contentment in these that I don’t think I’ve yet seen in photos from a wedding. Beautiful photos & couple as well.


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