Be all you can be

It’s slowing down. I have one wedding to go this year and I can feel my brain freeing up capacity to look at the bigger picture again. In the last weeks I’ve found myself thinking about the year ahead and slowly I can see where I want to go. A game plan is taking shape and I feel the energy flowing through my body. It may sound silly to you, but October and November have been so busy, I’ve hardly had any time to think about what I’m doing, and that’s why it feels like a breath of fresh air when you start seeing things for what they are. I know I sound like a broken record, but I love what I do. Time to step it up.

Edited with VSCO FILM.

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  1. Jonas,

    It must be said… your photography is like a fresh breeze through the woods. I adore the way you can make every couple look like a king and queen, the way you make it al look so natural.
    Keep up this amazing good work! It would be a shame not to be able to take a look at your website now and then.

    A lot of admiration from belgium!

    PS Can you tell me the name of the song/singer? It’ devine!

  2. oh! this is beautiful. stunning. one can almost feel the energy and fresh air flowing through. i hope the feeling stays and grows and evolves and what not :)

  3. Great image Jonas, loved seeing your posts this year. I am doing what you always say and trying to find my own voice, it’s a hard road. But thank you for reinforcing that message all year. Looking forward to seeing your images next year. Rest. Recoup. Relax. Kick arse next year.

  4. Jonas. Seriously?????? This is so cool……

    Perfect colours but the effortless placement of the flowers just makes it.

    Love it :)

  5. gorgeous. can’t wait to see what your stepped-up looks like. i love that feeling of finally being able to come up for air.


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