To Boldly Go



Yeah. This is f***ing awesome.

your framing is incredible!

seriously dude…. you are providing me with so much inspiration. Absolutely LOVE it.

That was REALLY cool!

One of your best so far Jonas? :) Very cool!

Jeeez. Nice one, Jonas!

Damn Jonas, love everything about this shot.

The fact that you managed a window of “no people” just adds to this beautiful image!

“Can you make it look completely different to all the other Opera house shots?”

“Pffft, sure”.

It’s all about the lines. Beautifully composed Jonas.

My favorite frame I’ve ever seen from you.

now i wanna take every single pic with out any other people than just the couples! Lol :-)
really awesome capture Senor Jonas.
“Follow me” says, the Groom.

you are so ridiculous. I agree with Erik. This is my favorite shot from you. I don’t know how you manage to surpass yourself with each wedding, but somehow you do.

this sir, have made my day.

Love the sense of journey. Nice work jp

Bloody hell ! That seems like an amazing story !

Yeah, pretty much what everyone else said. Wonderful image. Again. Thanks for sharing.

Amazing. This is ridiculously good.

Amazing; through simple composition you’ve reinvented one of the most iconic buildings in the world, great eyes Jonas.

whoa… talk about another level of grand!

Hi Jonas,

Are you available on the 26 May (Saturday) 2012 to shoot a wedding in Sydney?

Kind Regards,

Great photo! Makes you think that you got up really early to take that shot without any people in it. I guess you just composed perfect and got the timing right?

Awesome work.

This is pretty insane. beautiful work, my friend

Absolutely stunning. Like entering starship enterprise…

i can’t wait to see these!

amazing Jonas. I love the opera house.

Stunning, amazing contrast, always so beautiful.

wow…what do u say to something that looks like this…

That building must have been shot a million time but never like that! amazing work!

WOW! You are sooo good at what you do!

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Jesus, Mary & Joseph.
Beauttttttiful composition big man.

I seriously can’t wait to see the rest of the collection though I know you will be teasing us for another couple of weeks.

Stunning shot Jonas. There’s a boldness, a calmness and an awesomeness about it ;)

Speechless, amazing work

Jonas you’re not one of the best wedding photographers. You’re one of the best photographers. period.

Persoanlly, I think her dress will get all dirty if she goes in there with him…

This is such an epic picture. Love it.

Great tone, great composure, just a great image to look at.

What an amazing image. Just stunning.

Beautiful B+W! I like that you opened up the lens and waited for THE moment!

::taking quick shallow breath in, then on exhale making an ohhhh sound::

Love this wedding image, so pretty. Use of lines is perfect.

What an incredible shot, I remember coming on your site when we were just starting out and I still find the work just as inspiring.

Lovely shot :) Congratulation.

Stunning. Literally, I just stared at this for several minutes.
Love the composition, contrast, still-motion, everything.

Impresionante!!! Esto es muchos más que sólo fotografía de boda. Aquí no sólo hay técnica, composición y tratamiento de la imagen.También hay corazón y pasión!!!! Enhorabuena!!!

oh i love it! everything, composition, bw are the master.

Stunning. Love the composition and contrast. Brilliant!