Bouquet toss

– Lauren, do you min…

– Sure.

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  1. Så gött att läsa, att du blev utnämnd till värdens bästa Wedding fotograf.
    Ock det förstår man när man tittar på bina bilder, BTW så blev jag inspirerad av
    Din fotoblogg och skapade min egen :-)

  2. When I saw this photo I was wondering how you keep focus using servo when recomposing. Or did you not use servo for this particular shot? Did you crop the photo maybe? Great photo.

  3. Jonas, what is your most loved canon lens? I recently got myself the 5d Mark II ( i admit i was copying you).

  4. Ha ha! I love the commentary almost more than the photos, but I REALLY REALLY love the photos. I can tell we’re going to see some more amazing color from this one!

  5. Beautiful work! Love the fact that you’re posting a lot more! You and Sean Flanigan have been the biggest inspiration for me in regards to returning to wedding photography. Excellent work man :D


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