{wedding} ~ sarah & simon ~ Inverell, NSW

April 18, 2011

For some reason I’ve posted a few weddings I’ve shot for friends recently. With this one the journey has come full circle. Simon was a groomsman at the first wedding I ever shot and this time Matt, who was the groom then, was one of the groomsmen. We all drove down to the small country town of Inverell, where Sarah and Tim, the brother of the bride and best man, grew up. And we partied. Oh Lord, how we partied.

Today’s wedding was recently featured on Polka Dot Bride. Go here for more details.


What I like about you is the time spent for the article with photos narando almost everything, nothing to do with what the Spanish do.

Nice Set. Really interesting and well captured.

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I was just curious what the song is at the top of the page ???

OMG! Fabulous!!!! Yes … “rings on the burner”, I L.O.V.E this shot!

These images have really captured the sense of place, the family and the love and joy – all expressed with style. Well done.

Prime lenses all the way baby. You nail it everytime!

Love love love!! Natural = brilliance

once again i enjoyed looking at every single picture in this post. i blurted “omg” out loud when i saw the picture of the little child wearing the white dress on the left side of the frame, with the beautiful light.

just great! i always love your wedding coverage!

amazing amazing amazing. Rings on the burner? Stop it, that’s gorgeous.

Pretty bride in the original dress! Nice!

Fabulous Jonas, love the evening shots especially.

I love taking photos for friends’ weddings.. the feeling is just… different…

always amazing and creative. I love your ideas and your execution.it is never boring,yet always refreshing.

Keep on doing !

Regards. Sofie

Gorgeous bride, and pics are just amazing!

So beautiful. I just love your work. Australia is lucky to have you. :)

So much character and originality – the wedding and your photos!

LOVE the table shot with embarrassed smiling groom and laughing bride.
you have such talent capturing the moment.

I’ll second the “um, yep.”

And wow, her dress is stunning.

um, yep.
your still flipping brilliant!

Wonderful work, Jonas! Beautifully captured moments, as always :)

Great stuff dude. Oh how I look forward to these. Beautiful PJ work as always. Inspired.