Bronwyn & Steve


Holy flippin hot sauce batman!

i am also a fan of this image taken by you :)

Amazing use of the backdrop! Love it.

Gorgeous tones and texture. I love how you use such mundane backdrops and show their beauty, for such a beautiful time in people’s lives..

nice framing and light, looks like the last few seconds of the day. well done JP

I love your work! And this picture is so good… ” tilt-shift?
Greetings from Malaga

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this already, but Jonas, your photographs are magnificent (to me) because they depict a sort of quietness in them. They’re calm and spontaneous and feel just right. Instead of hearing all the action through your photos, I instead hear the white noise. I mean it as a great thing and should be considered a compliment. :)

So graphic, love it.

Great feeling – lovely composition. Brilliant!

Your work is amazing, keep up the great work!

Gorgeous!!! Everyone of these are fantastic. Always stunning!

Simply awesome

some good pictures and 3or4 pictures are not good