paul & cassie

I should go to bed, But I couldn’t resist uploading one of the shots from today’s wedding. More to come. Much, much more.


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  1. How do you do the scratching thing? I saw it in lots of your photos. It’s… amazing! And the blur and the colors and… everything. Absolutely beautiful!
    What equipment do you have?

  2. U never stop surprising me! This one is truly amazing.
    Can´t wait for the rest of the photos.

  3. AWARD!
    Seriously one of your best wedding shots to date. Maybe a little heavy on the scratching but had to offset the praise somehow.

  4. No. I’m not usually too impressed by your TS-shots. But this is good. Love the background.

  5. I LOVE IT! För mycket oskärpa för min smak.. Men motivet. Underbart. Tror det hade varit fint att beskära lite i överkant också?


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