I love going through the images the day after a wedding. I don’t really look at them on the day, a wedding is so fast-paced, there’s no time for me to look at what I have on my memory cards. So the day after is the first time I get to see the story unfold and it always amazes me how beautiful each and every wedding is. It’s not about tooting my own horn, I truly believe in the natural beauty of happy people. Most of the couples that book me worry about how they will look in their images. People generally don’t like having their photo taken, but it is my job to work around that.

I don’t book people because I think they look good in front of the camera, the wedding day does that to them. People forget I’m around and by the time the bride walks down the aisle I’m the last person in the world the bride and groom worry about, trust me.

I rock up and shoot.

Love is what makes the photos shine.

I really like this shot of Cassie getting ready. It’s simple and clean and yet you see the nerves on her face. She’s just hours away from walking down the aisle and she’s forgotten I’m even there. I don’t know exactly what she is thinking but I’ll have a guess.








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  1. I was doing my usual rounds of daily blog reads. My first point of visit is Jo Goddard from ‘A Cup of Jo’ and I was absolutely delighted to see that she posted your amazing photography in her blog: I am a huge fan and I just love how your images are so raw, so honest, so absolutely inspiring!!! Amazing work Mr Peterson!

  2. I have NO idea how I came across your work… But I am officially addicted, and LOOOOVE it. I will keep checking back. Thank you for the inspiration.


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