{destination wedding} Stephanie & Jackie ~ Hua Hin ~ Thailand


music credit: Matt Corby – Big Eyes (iTunes)

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  2. I am getting married in Hua Hin next year to a Thai man, this is exactly what we want, where was the ceremony held? it is very beautiful!

  3. OH my God I just can´t stop gazing att your work. It´s people like you who makes this world so beautiful.

  4. Funny how you can be sitting in front of the computer, having a nice enough day, then suddenly in tears when the reality of people lost hits… I love these photos, but it reminds me so much of my own dad who was a Scottish immigrant of the same age from the same part of Adelaide (and a massive Barnesy fan). He died at 45 and missed my wedding and the birth of his first grandchild a year ago. I’ve been moved to tears quite a few times by your photos, but never quite like this. Beautiful! ps my wedding ended in people being thrown in a pool too. Must be the Scottish genes.

  5. wow! i felt like a guest at this wedding. what amazing photos. you really captured the whole day so carefully. you must have been exhausted!

  6. What an awesome wedding! Not only are the photos great but the wedding looks like it was a riot. Beautiful location, people, venue, everything. Great job!

  7. This is so captivating! You told their story so authentically and really captured the character and spirit of the family… it makes me want to be a part of the celebration and know these people in real life! You are a true storyteller Jonas.

  8. wowsa…..i started looking through this post…..and thought this couple looked familiar…then it clicked…kept scrolling and when I saw Barnsey it confirmed my thoughts. Beautiful images as usual :)

  9. That’s another great set of wedding photos!

    I thought I recognised someone…and sure enough, it’s the working class man himself!

  10. Everyone in the wedding looks like they’re having so much fun. and this is the first wedding I’ve seen to have people being thrown into a pool! That’s the perfect ending.

  11. Yes! Was such a fun wedding and these pics are a perfect illustration and reminder. Thanks for putting up the snaps of me chucking Georgie in the drink. She is a massive fan and would be stoked to have made it onto your site!

  12. such brillliant photographs!!!! moments frozen forever…. and a lovely song too…who is the artist?

  13. He’s probably been photographed a million times over…but I bet Jimmy has never loved any pics more than these:) Bet there was no cheap wine on offer at this reception!

  14. I just wrote whole hullabaloo that was way too deep. Delete! I’ll just say this couple is fucking rad. And your photography ain’t too shabby either ;) Awesome wedding Jonas. You never, ever, ever disappoint.

  15. jonas! you kill me with your images. SOOO amazing. I was just in thailand last week. not the same place as the wedding, but somehow your images take me back. Beautiful!


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