June 24, 2012

When I was five, my father took me and my brother to this circus. I can remember every sound, every smell, the air heavy of saw dust and horses.

Last night I took my boys. Today, as an adult, I look at the circus differently, but through the eyes of my two boys, I know it was every bit as magical. I could see it in their eyes and feel it in the way they both squeezed my hand when the lights were dimmed.

When that music started playing we were in another world.



sweet memories of childhood, thanks man!

Love, what song is this???

Brilliant, you really captured the atmosphere and I can almost smell the circusy smells through your images.

Amazingly different kind of images I’m used to seeing, love um.

You definitely captured the moment. Your boys will be able to look back on it forever!

Very dramatic pictures.

I love your work and the way you see the world. Very moving…

The image with the white horse is so captivating.

LOVE the shallow dof and lighting- stunning!

Beautiful. Makes me feel like I’m there instantly.

Love this!
You got a fantastic blog and beautiful kids!

Truly, this is an example of some of your best work. Cherish it – they grow fast.

Wow, those are such amazing images you were able to get. I’m assuming you were stationery for the most part. It looks like your son had blast!

Brings back many happy memoires…..great pics.

Great shots – master of the TS lens!

I like that I have feelings when I look at your photos. While I started to scroll through these, they made me feel like something bad was going to happen……but it didn’t…just cotton candy.

I’ve never been to one and as I grew up, I heard stories that made me wish never to visit one but your images certainly capture the magic the words used to conjure. If I ever find one that seems to treat it’s members kindly, perhaps I’ll venture in and see for myself. Love how excited your kids seem about it!

Lovley pictures…
I was at the circus with my son a few years ago, but he was probably a little too small.
But now he is almost 6 years and believe he will get more out of it.

Måste bara säga dina bilder är en stor inspiration….

WOW!! so awesome!! I want a circus day now!

Reminds me of this awesome exhibition I went to of photographs taken of the the Indian circus. Must be amazing to photograph!

I’ve never been to the circus as a child or an adult, but I used to have recurring dreams about them when I was little. Can’t imagine how special this must’ve been for your boys!

Wonderful pictures! They really tell a story :)

I can’t remember the last time I went to the circus. Might have to take Brenda after this.

Gorgeous Jonas, those boys are little cherubs! Looked like a magical moment in their world.

I love these – they certainly do capture the mood of the circus to perfection – beautiful work as usual xxxx

Cool! I did the exact thing yesterday with my boys, only my pictures were not as great ;-)

You write so eloquently Jonas, love it. Oh, and your photos aren’t bad either ;)

Oh my god, the photo of your sons, capturing that look in his eyes, is nothing but amazing. It almost brought a tear to MY eyes.

I love the photo of the aerialist! A beautiful capture

Nice one dude – you caught that magic sparkle in your sons eye. Sweet use of T-S too.