My 2012

January 4, 2013

On New Years Day I woke up early, made my way down to the beach in Carmel, California and sat down. I took my shoes off and waded out into the water, washed my face in the cold Pacific and went back up to my family. I felt refreshed. 2012 was an amazing year. I’ve learned to live more in the moment than I used to. I appreciate the smaller things and worry less about five year plans and doing the right thing. I do what makes sense to me there and then and make that my life plan. Along the way I see patterns, but I never let them guide me, I just see them as markers I leave behind. Oh, so that’s what I’m doing. Interesting. I’ve collected some photos from my 2012, not a best of in any way, just moments from the year, a selected few, random and out of order. Maybe there’s a pattern there, but I really don’t care. It was a good year and I lived it to the best of my capacity. Here’s to yesterday, here’s to the future, but most importantly – here’s to today. Let’s drink from the cup we have in front of us.



Some superb composition and framing here. It’s almost wrong to highlight this because it would be wrong to detract from the overall quality of photography Jonas. Good job!

Great photographs. I just love the shot of them in front of the tree with the sunset sky in the back ground.

It seems impossible, but is the one in the stream done using a Brenizer method?

Cracking set of images here. I love the shot of the couple barefoot in the stream.

Jonas… Love your work… its absolutely stunning!!! Thank you

Great work. LOVE the photo of the red shoes and carpet :)

Some amazing images, love your work, Steve & Sandra.

nice and lovely picture’s that’s the work of real and the middle picture’s is so nice.

Stunning work Jonas, looking forward to the epicness you bring this year.

Love love love the BW shots.

Very beautiful and romantic! Nice work!

The photo with tears is so strong, great.

You never cease to blow me away… what a magical year you’ve had. Congrats.

Sheer awesomeness. Totally wicked work ;). Very inspiring.

Two of the shots are from the Circus, isn’t it.

Awsome! Very nice job! I really love your photography.

Always inspirational Jonas, awesome! :)

Bello resúmen del año, inspirador. Felicidades!!

great year, have a great 2013

Oh yes… Have an incredible 2013 my friend :)

Great work. Some really spectacular images in this set.

It’s all been said above, but this is some body of work.

Congrats on a fantastic year! From your wedding photos, to your own wedding! Terrific things.

Yes, there’s a pattern there. OF BEAUTY.

Stunning collection!! I like your way of see. Congrats for your work.

Great shots, Jonas! I love the second picture.

These is very beautiful, awesome, amazing… Thnaks a lot for share your work…

Great words man! Pictures are secundary…

Some of those images look absolutely unreal. Your talent, eye, and ability to tell an entire story through one image will never cease to amaze me. I can’t wait to see what you witness in 2013. Cheers.

Such gorgeous work as always. :)

Awesome start of my day! Thanks!

It’s been so incredible following your work this year, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2013! :)

Happy new year Jonas to you and your family. Thank you for sharing everything and being such an inspiration.

Wow you work is truly breathtaking. You’re such an inspiration to me!

amazing. your images have always been beautiful but there’s now more depth and emotion to them than before. incredible. it’s been an absolute honour to witness your progression both professionally and personally on this blog– thanks for bringing us all along for the ride.

Just amazing photos Jonas. So happy to have met you this year and listening to your very inspiring and heartfelt words in palm Springs. Wishing you and your family many blessings and much laughter in 2013!

Absolutely gorgeous. Love the old picture effects.

It’s been awesome watching your journey dude, ridiculously amazing images and words too :) Here’s to 2013!

Amazing summary of what was yet another fantastic year. You blow us all away and inspire us to no end with your passion and creativity. Cheers and all the best for 2013!!!

Truly moving and amazing. I can’t pick a favourite to mention. You’ve had an awesome year :)

Not a bad 2012! All the best for a sensation 2013.

Absolutely stunning – every single image. I’ve been moved.

i love how you play with light and shadows… and the way you can evenly expose the scene. my fave is the microphone nose tho :o)

beautifully said.
Happy New Year!

Dina bilder gör mig breathless, bokstavligt faktiskt. Sitter alltid och håller andan och bara förundras. De är fantastiskt vackra. Känns så kul att ha följt dig via bloggen ända sedan reklam- och silverfiskåren, för att nu se dig ha hittat så otroligt rätt med jobbet och livet. Kram på dig!

I cant even find the words to describe how i felt looking at these images. Thanks for inspiring me and motivating for 2013. You are incredible – thank you

Jonas, your images speak SO much. Incredibly beautiful and I can only hope the someday soon in the future you’ll be available to capture the love on my wedding day. Otherwise, I’ll just have to make myself available when you’re available!
Looking forward to many more incredible images this year. I love the way you see things, and are there to capture them. I used to be more like that, and you inspire me to find that in myself again.

Great work, styles moving and breaking moulds – cool!

ridiculous. you are ridiculously good.

Varje gång jag tvivlar på att jag har någon som helst talang, varje gång jag inser att jag bara fotat i 18 månader, varje gång jag tänker att “fan, jag är så kass”, eller “jag skulle ge min underkropp för att ha blivit född med Ögat”, eller alla gånger jag inser att jag inte har full koll på hur min kamera tänker – då tittar jag in på din sida. Även fast jag inte är i närheten av vad du visar, så ger det mig ändå någon sorts tillförsikt, hur konstigt det än låter. För du förmedlar det jag önskar att jag kan förmedla. En känsla.
Jag vill inte ta samma foton som du tar. Jag bryr mig inte om vilka kamerahus du använder, vilka gluggar du har eller vilka inställningar du har rattat in. Det är förmågan att beröra som räknas.
Jag är en musikalnörd även, och har många gånger fått frågan om vad jag föredrar; någon som sjunger vackert men inte kan beröra, eller någon som sjunger mindre bra men som berör.
Jag föredrar alltid den senare. Och det hoppas jag att jag kan uppnå med mitt fotograferande också. men helst vill jag göra både och, som du. Vackert OCH berörande.

Pura inspiração para quem vê, novo ano cheio de vitórias para você, Jonas – Abraço do Brasil

Wouhaou…. So many amazing pictures! I’m a absolute fan of you! That is a great remembering of the year. I became a photographer when i came back in France after 1 year in Oz. Australia made me fall in love with the beauty… I really hope to go back again, i haven’t seen everything yet!! ;)

Beautiful :) And your boys are CUTE.

Flying whale = win. Bad-ass fitness bride = double win. Fantastic stuff and great to see the way your head works and shifts.

Jonas, today I know that while watching your photos, only good wine should by served :).
Stunning work. Take care… :)

Amazing how much one year can be if you only give it all you have. Amazing pictures and moments.

Your work is just lovely.

Perfection… Nothing more, nothing less than…perfection…

Your images are on steroids. So good!

I can remember seeing the same post from you at the same time last year and thinking “how can Jonas improve in 2012 when he’s already reached the dizzying heights of perfection”. And yet you have done it again and again in 2012. And you will continue to smash it again in 2013 because you’ve the courage to dare to be different. To push boundaries. To be a true pioneer. You’re untouchable. You’re an inspiration to wedding photographers the world over.

Wowww!!, fantastic, no words, glups!

I’m loving the polaroids more all the time. Happy New Year Jonas! Thanks for enriching my 2012! All the best to you in 2013 :)

gorgeous set. my favorites are the ones of your kids and the polaroid of the guy on the bike. such a beautiful image.

Speechless. A lot that I haven’t seen before. Here’s to continued growth and love in 2013!

Du är en av mina absoluta favoriter. Känslan du förmedlar är oslagbar. Fortsätt inspirera! Kram

Hi Jonas, I admire and love your work, wish you the best for 2013! Keep inspiring!



So much beauty here Jonas, it’s a real pleasure to soak it all up. You’ve had an absolute belter of a year and it’s been great visiting your blog and seeing each post. Brilliant stuff.

Fantastic! Love them all! What a great year, thank you for sharing some of these on Marry Me Ink last year. Take care.

That fish out of water shot is stellar, Jonas. Congratulations on pulling together such a fun body of work in 2012. Inspiring.

such an amazing work!! hope this next year is one of the best for you!

Well said dude.. Those Bali images are something else!
All the best to you!