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  1. How did I not see this? I love it. So much. I love love the second shot and the one of the bride & groom in black and white from behind. So beautiful and consistent.

  2. This is ethereal and stunning. The girl is my cousin and you have captured the day beautifully. Thankyou

  3. Your blog is my drug! Amazing pictures as always.
    Congratulations to the beautiful newly weds, it seems like you had a wonderful wonderful wedding.

  4. I’m sorry Jonas. I have to be honest with you. I love the pics but they ae not as beautuful as they usually are. You did too much to them this time. The line is very very fine.

  5. Hi Jonas. I think I need to start saving my money right now. If I ever get married having you as a photographer will be first priority. I absolutely love your work! The feelings you are able to portray in your pictures are moving, beautiful and there’s no one else like you. I’m so glad you’re experiencing the success you’re having.

  6. Det känns nästan som om man tittar på en film! Den stora bilden med “spot” på gästerna är ju nästan som en scen från en David Lynch film… :P (Ok fantasin kanske skenar där, men du fattar..)
    Underbara bilder med mycket temperament varenda en! Känn dig stolt!

  7. LOVE the first shot of the bride and so many of these can just stand alone as single pieces of art, truly! One can definitely tell, that you have a solid background in photojournalism and not many people have an eye or talent for anticipating moments as you do. Bravo!

  8. @Camilla: All these are edited with TRA Dirty Pictures. I highly recommend it. I’m writing a review and will post it next week.

  9. åååh vilka bilder!! Önskar så hett att jag hade haft lite mer stålar (och prioretering) när jag gifte mig på en strand på Rarotonga (cook island)…Det uppdraget hade varit gött eller?

  10. Wow. As usual, great work. It seems like you’ve taken your style one step further is it just me or have you really? It’s Jonas 2.0 almost. Beautiful nevertheless.

  11. I was just wondering why you only photograph extremely beautiful people’s weddings. But realized that it’s probably you who make them look movie star wonderful.

    Wish I could’ve had you at my wedding – even though it would’ve doubled the cost of the thing!

  12. Helt fantastiska bilder. Jag önskar att vi hade haft råd att anlita dig som fotograf på vårt bröllop i somras. Då kanske jag faktiskt kunde komma ihåg vilken känsla jag hade.

    Du har i alla fall fått mig att gråta i dag. Bilden där brudgummen torkar en tår är helt, otroligt, oerhört underbar!

  13. Absolutely wonderful. What a lovely patina you’ve created. As if these photos were taken straight out of a dream. Beautiful couple and beautiful setting. Well done and congratulations to the newlyweds :)

  14. Well Jonas, you did it again. I just love the picture of all the women coming down the stair. The little red haired girl is just adorable, and the wedding gown, just wow. I love it! The couples having you shooting their weddings are more lucky than they can ever imagine.


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