{destination wedding} ~ Sammy & Mandy ~ Bali

February 4, 2011


Maybe one day I will have the pleasure of taking pictures at the wedding like this! Beautiful!

Epic set!

what a location, shot so elegantly, quality work man

Stunning images and a great location :)

Re-looking through some of Jonas’ work and reminded how truly stunning this Bali wedding is.

Love this Jonas – stumbled onto this post while looking into film – I stayed at this venue (Karma, Bali) earlier in the year and took a heap of photos around the resort including down at the beach. The significantly different look you achieved with film has convinced me I need to get the film body out and experiment.

A beautiful inspiring work, bellissimo!!

You should write story for every wedding :)

wow… from my country… nice.. love this documentary

[ http://www.masirvan.com ]

Hi Jonas, love the image with 3 dancers on it. Great low light shots, Bahamas rocks ;)

Hi Jonas, great pics. Nice colours. Love the photo with girl laying flat in the sand. Ceremony was in Uluwatu?

Where did she get her dress? And how did she plan this out?? I am in love with everything, so fabulous :)

Mr. Peterson, I’d be a financial wonder if I had a dollar for each hour I’ve drawn inspiration from your work! If anything could make me more excited to marry my sweetheart in Bali, it’s this. Thank you!

Wow. Absolutely breathtaking. Can I go there & have that wedding????

now that is my perfect wedding! wow so amazing, laid back and surfing too! yeah!


is there any chance you can pass a message onto Sammy and Mandy for me? My cousin is getting married in Bali this year and we are looking for the cane/bamboo lanterns that are on the tables but can’t seem to find them!

I would love to get in touch with Sammy and Mandy to find out where they got the lanterns from?

You can have them contact me on my email – anj_e@optusnet.com.au


complete envy of her! and beautiful photography! x

Sorry, I don’t speak English well, but it’s wonderful! Your work is inspiring!
And the newlyweds – a beautiful couple =).

AWESOME!!!I want to have your work in my living room wall hanger..

Looks like a beautiful wedding! Those motion shots are great!

absolutely stunning!!! Bali looks like a fabulous wedding destination.

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, great work, good luck :)

Looks like a fun wedding. You have done a great job.

This wedding is so amazing! Your photos are so amazing!!!!! You are such a true inspiration- from one photographer to another- your images are just gorgeous! :D

So amazing! I just love all of your work so so much! you are a true inspiration in all that you do – from one photographer to another, your work is just gorgeous!

You have captured the feeling of this surfer wedding perfectly ….awesome!

you are demig-d of wedding photography

Beatiful wedding party! Any chance to share which party organiser they used?

What a beautiful wedding! Love the party pics looks like so much fun! We’re getting married this coming November in Bali as well. Do you mind sharing if they have a DJ or master of ceremony sort of thing to organise such a fun party? We’d love to have their vendor if possible.

Stunned! Amazing. What great ideas for a wedding. It seemed so relaxed and magical. I love the message in the bottle, the traditional costume (I assume…I don’t know Bali) and the releasing of the doves. Definitely sharing this on my blog! xoxo

really interesting.. very amazing pictures.. thanks for the inspiration

its really amazing one.. speechless photographs.. thanks for sharing..

Så galet vackert och dian bilder är som alltid helt makalösa.
Man blir mållös….

Fan vad vackert!!
Och dina bilder är som vanligt helt fantastiska och galet bra!!

I am speechless… Beautiful pictures!

How does so much talent reside in one person? genius.

You can really feel the love in these: the couple’s and yours for them. Somehow, you made paradise look even better.

Incredible coverage, and wonderful reception image! nicely done

Awesome! Bali is truely beautiful!

Great wedding!! Loving the emotions!! :) Fabulous as always! You are genious!

Jonas these are just spectacular. Are the night time photos using a flash with a zoomed in head or a different light source? Or is it done in post?

You are genious, JP!

I often taking shoot for wedding in this place and now you are inspiring me more…..!
Thank you, JP!


You are genious, jonas!
I often taking shoot for wedding in this place and now you are inspiring me more…..!
Thank you, Jonas!

Wow, this is a F-ing amazing wedding.

Holy zandroid. What a stunning collection of images, So much love and emotion. Looking at your images just softens the heart and inspires me to greater heights.

what an amazing celebration you have captured perfectly here :)

Beautiful pictues of wonderful moments!


Beautiful pictues of wonderful moments!


breathtaking. (also, your brides ALWAYS have amazingly unique dresses! I loved this one!)

The word of the day is splendiferous, after looking at this wedding. The bride, groom, location and of course your photography are top shelf. Beautiful work, Jonas.

Jow dreamy! So fun and exotic!

How dreamy! So fun and exotic!

These photos are all stunning! And what a gorgeous couple too!

Wow. What a wedding. Such style. Great work.

Amazing. that is all. thank you for sharing.

Exquisite! And what an amazingly stylish couple. I’m digging her native american – bohemian – Surf chick attire!

I love the storytelling in your images. The purples in the skies at sunset = amazing.

Jeg er egentlig ganske tom for ord. Vakkert og veldig veldig rørende. Tusen takk.

oh my gosh this rocks. her dresses are amazing, the location is amazing, and your view is killer jonas. well done

I heart Jonas Peterson.
This wedding is immense and the couple are insanely attractive!
I am getting married in Bali next year, if only I could afford you Jonas. These shots are simply beautiful.

You are so lucky to be paid to cover these way out weddings. Power to you.

Message in a bottle? What a great idea. I especially loved their surfboard motif around the bride and groom. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. makes me want to visit Bali.

Jonas…you are simply amazing at what you do. I can’t wait till you photograph my wedding in Bali…counting down the days!!!

I love the color and life an in the images, Jonas.

What a beautiful wedding! Great photographs as always!

Wow- what a unique wedding. You did a great job with it.

Stunning work! The photo alone where the vows are taking place into the sunset (u called it willimas158) is worth about a billion words. It says to me ‘go to Bali right now!’

I hope you get your wish to go to Buenos Aires soon!

Stunning work! The photo alone where the vows are taking place into the sunset (I think its called williams158) is worth about a billion words. It says to me ‘go to Bali right now’.

I hope you get your wish to go to buenos aires soon!

LOL… dude has a tramp stamp.

Jag slutar aldrig hänföras av dina bilder!

simply amazing.artistic and romantic .
best to you

Some of your best storytelling. Fantastic.


Does anyone know how he make his post-procesing?

WOW….. Those are amazing!

Please can you post the actual location of this wedding in Bali?

incredible… I have not other words.

I find myself sat here, smiling, as if this is my very own wedding. I love it. Love, love, love it.

such a wonderful feeling clicking the play button and hearing the first notes of hazelton. perfect song for this wedding, loved it!

you can really feel the atmosphere – one of the best photo sets so far

So so breath taking and beautiful – just love it

You’ve outdone yourself this time Jonas. Well done.

goose bumps and then tears, that’s what your photos do…beautiful intimate personal wedding love….

This took me somewhere special.

Frick, JP. Next time I’m coming with to help you. Even if you don’t need help. So. Good.

Jonas, you are beyond talented. Wow.

Dude.. You’re freakin incredible.. Such an amazing wedding

I can’t think of a word that describes how absolutely awesome this wedding is. May just be my favorite wedding ever. REALLY makes me want to be so much better.

jonas i dont think they could have found a better photographer for this kind of day. a lovely, perfect match for sure.

holy smokes. this is absolutely amazing and perfect soundtrack too.

Love the tilt and shift action! Amazing location.

I wish I was invited – that looked awesome! BEAUTIFUL shots.

holy f@#$ balls. you’re making the rest of us look bad, and so are your clients.

Jonas always my inspiration

What a truly magical wedding. Blown away.

What a privilege to see the record of this celebration.

this is by far the best wedding i have seen in months. well done.

very cool Mr Peterson, very cool.

Love the party images! Must have been a fun night!

Amazing. I can’t believe those shots of the doves, and the fire twirlers are great, too. I always love when you have a new blog post up.

Dude this wedding looks like it was a blast. I am loving the face down in the sand. too funny. And the rest of it is just plain amazing. I am always astounded by your consistency.

You inspire me brotha.

Effing brilliant!! I could almost smell the ocean…..

I love it so much when people show who they are in their wedding celebrations….perfect.

Breath taking! The shot of them standing on the pool looking out at the ocean is just epic. Love it.

your skills are many my good sir.. looks like an awesome party :)

I usually am very impressed with your blogs but don’t leave a comment. I’m not usually one to comment but I was amazed with this one so here I am. These people are awesomely different and along with their props and your skills Jonas, makes the photos what they are! Amazing!

AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! AWESOME!! JONAS in BALI makes awesome photos

Wow…speechless, just beautiful

Man. This is money from the first shot to the last. Hatten av. :)

Some of your finest work to date, which is really saying something. Your stuff just keeps getting better.

yep! That there’s an awesome wedding. JP you are so good!

wow!!!! what a dream wedding in paradise!

now this looks like fun!
your work is so special Jonas. i hope it fills you with joy and fulfillment; as it should!

I am giddy with excitement at all the recent posts! Such emotional and inspring photos Jonas, thank you!

Could browse your images all day and these were no exception! Was considering a holiday to bali in July but you have made my mind up……definitely going!

Killer! A lot to love in these shots mate.

you’re the best of the best.

Great post man! Beautiful place, I love Bali.

i am in love with thiss wedding, the couple are just so gorgeous, everything about it is stunning! AMAZING photography! fabulous job to everyone involved xxxx


Who wouldn’t want to use this as the model for their wedding. Perfect. Just perfect.

whoa. What a gloriously amazing wedding! These surfers have got some serious style. Love it as always Jonas.

These are phenom. I want to see the detail of her dresses! They look real nice.

gosh, you make me miss Bali so much. Great job too (not like you need the affirmation :-))!