{destination wedding} ~ Mitra & Fabio ~ Rome, Italy.

October 12, 2011

Fabio calls Mitra “Amore” all the time.


I like it when two genuinely good and beautiful people get married. When everything seems chaotic and things don’t happen the way they should, we peel off the layers of what a wedding is, and the fundamentals become even more apparent.


This was my first out of  eight overseas weddings in a row and Mitra and Fabio gave me a reminder of what it is I do. I rediscovered Italy, fell in love with the food, the people and the land, always celebrating the good and simple things in life. I also fell in love with Mitra and Fabio – a fiery Finnish Swedish girl and a soft-spoken Italian boy.



Mitra & Fabio’s wedding was recently featured on Weddingchicks. Find out more details here.

music credit: Emma Louise – 1000 Sundowns (iTunes)


Hey Jonas! Just came across this wedding while browsing your art and I have to say I am totally and utterly in love with this Italian wedding!!! I love all the aspects and how you captured the atmosphere! Makes me miss Italy soooo much (after havin lived there for a year now)!! Just beautiful! It makes me dream and remember the wonderful light in Italia!! Tanti, tanti Salutiiiii!

Yet another splendid wedding shoot!.. !!

This is how a wedding should look like! Great job.

Beautiful! These pictures brought a tear to my eye. You capture happiness in its purest form. Please keep doing what you’re doing so that I can have you photograph my wedding in the future!!

Always in the right moment. Beautiful work.

Love this post, great work!

All Uber Cool. Huge image update today…Lovely…

Just when I think you’ve shot your best wedding – there you go and do it again. Love all the emotions you’ve captured so honestly. The one of the girls kissing the bride? Love!

Good Lord. Amaze!

The hair shot does things for me.

Holly fecking firetruck :) great choice of song. Well played sir.

That guy looked like russell brand when her hair was on his head lol

You capture feelings and emotions. Incredible.

so happy that the world gets to share in your gifts.

jonas, that shot of her lying on the bed. I am beyond in love with it…the excited, nervous, bubbly, warm energy just oozes out of it. what a beautiful little moment

Att titta igenom din samling bilder från ett bröllop får mig alltid tårögd innan jag kommit igenom dem. Bilden på natthimlen är obeskrivligt vacker!

As Emma-Louise’ song plays and I slowly glide down through the photos, I can’t help but get shivers and maybe there’s a tear or two. Perhaps its the effects of a full moon but this shoot is nothing but love. I can feel it. Love. Love your work, Jonas. As always, can’t wait for the next wedding feature…

Much feeling. Many complicity. Great!

Just frikin perfect…. PERFECT

This is kinda sorta ridiculous Jonas. In the best of ways.

Lovely man – outstanding as always..

Splendido! (The swedish “italian” expression) he is the one we want! (from a swedish tv programme, every year at christmas)The pictures with the dogs is wonderful, and the pool picture – awesome!!

Åååååååååååååå. Hhhh. Gudars, så fint. Wow.

Wow, beautiful work Jonas, Italy sure knows how to turn it on

E du på riktigt?! Breathless….

This is so fjnjsfnjsngjllgjs brilliant.

My guess is, that after this post we’d ALL like to know them! What a lovely couple, and you showed it with such great story telling.

Starting my day looking at your work is both utterly inspirational and somehow self-defeating. But I’ll go with the former. Love her giddyness on the bed, the sweetness of the couple and the great moments during the toasts. Dive shot is perfect ending.

You are utterly amazing at what you do sir. It is so refreshing to see somebody so honestly passionate about what they do, hats off to you. My dream is to have you photograph my wedding when that time comes around *sighs*. Don’t ever give up on your talent!

Absolutely beautiful! A gorgeous wedding that couldn’t have been captured more perfectly.

I can’t get over how amazing you are sometimes mr peterson. i can feel the energy of the day through the images and i want to be there. loves.

Awesome stuff Jonas….again.

Haha, jag älskar fotot på slutet där de är på väg ner i poolen! Vilket härligt bröllop!! :)

Wonderful job, Jonas. I felt so much joy and love looking at this images and I suppose that’s how it felt to be there. Love the last one.

Lovely stuff. Particulalrly like the tone and look of your black and whites. Beautiful couple, wedding and day by the look of things.

Yea, well i want to tattoo this blog post all over my heart meat and have the memories from this day pumped through my veins for the rest of my days on this planet… Then when I pass I want to dry it out and donate my rad stained heart to the world Museum of Awesomeness (right next to Phar-laps).

Helt otroliga vackra och roliga bilder..särskilt de med hundarna ;) Älskar bilden där de står nere i högra hörnet i motljus, ja jag älskar ju alla bilder egentligen men den var speciell :)

Love the wedding, love the energy and LOVE the dogs! Just fabulous!!!

My only complaint is that the music didn’t last long enough for me to get to the bottom. So absorbed I was. Definitely one for the portfolio.

Awesome wedding, great again Jonas. Congrats!

What Ken said. Well, okay maybe not… Still awesome obviously

CAN’T….STOP…..LOOKING! du tar helt magiska bilder jonas!

Fantastiskt! Härlig avslutning.

Helt underbara foton. Tjusigt!

Love all the light captures on the venue! Great settings, great eye, great wedding, best photographer.

oh ha! Ken, you’re hilarious – weird yes, but hilarious. Can’t top that comment, so can I just second it?

Love that first shot of the bride on the bed in the morning. I think I know the feeling.

Amazing set of pictures(color/B&W) + storytelling = PERFECT!!!!!

and i love that wacky hands guy

I love how these pictures captivate the personality of the couple. Awesome.
BTW I ADORE the bouquet! and the earrings… and everything else.

oh yeah, the photos are spectacular.

dying laughing at Ken’s comment. well played Mr. Kienow.

if this set of wedding images were butter, i’d rub it all over my body and bask naked in the sun.

that’s not weird, right?

the image I truly loved was the one where their hands were intertwined behind their backs during the ceremony … that one image speaks depths about the connection between them.

Photography at its finest.

Awesome collection of images Jonas. Love the last frame.

What a very special wedding. I love the candid black and whites of the guests. All of these are really exceptional images….lovely work Jonas.

Emma Louise is awesome. Perfect for this. Crazy beautiful wedding.

I am (quite possibly for the first time) lost for words. Exceptional doesn’t even cut it. Amazing doesn’t come close. I think I have a new favourite of yours.

One of your best so far. Boy, you’re talented! :-)

always outstanding. always better. love them jonas!

absolutely gorgeous. you are a beautiful storyteller.

What a joyous set. Beautiful! This wedding may be my favourite post of yours to date… but it’s hard to choose.

Å helvete, shit vad sjukt underbart!!!! Håret står upp på armarna! Allvarligt, jag älskar det!!!!

what a beautiful day you have documented so expertly, Jonas.

The last frame. So incredible I had to laugh. Jonas, man….

Grymt bra! Som alltid… Riktigt bra sv/v!

Jäklar vad vackert!

the autogrill shots are brilliant and the whole wedding coverage is great :-) thks for sharing!

They look so happy and your photos are so moving!

it’s comical at this point how fantastic your work is and how you continue to outdo yourself. this is ace. as is the reverse-mullet thing the grooms got going on.