Turn around

September 22, 2010

“Sorry, but you need to turn around”, I told the driver.

He looked at me in the rearview mirror with raised eyebrows.

“I know I said we were done, but I will hate myself if we don’t get one more. We need one of the car and that…light. Please?”

He sighed and made a u-turn.

Larger version here


Nice work ! i really love the ligth!

Well worth the% turnaround!!!

Well worth the Turn around!!!

Just gorgeous, my Grandad had an old Falcon like that. Classic.

A perfect image. Great natural light and composition.

Good call, absolutely worth it!!

You´re a great writer and even better photographer! I love your postprocessing, even more without textures!! Perfect!

Cheers Mikael

great photo, love how it was spur of the moment

i think they’ll be glad you did jonas. this is friggin beautiful.

Its so cool bro.salute u.i love ur work.

Well done for turning around. The light is quite magnificent.

He may have raised his eyebrows and given you a sigh BUT, I bet he asks for a copy of the image though ;)

love this, you are an amazing artist, every picture speaks 1000 words

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Gorgeous blog – I love it!

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Thanks so much – have a lovely day!


What a lesson in speaking up and going for it! I just wish that was me and my husband in the photo so I could order a gigantic canvas and put it on my wall:). Thank you for being such an inspiration with your work, it is truly amazing!

I don’t want to use the word “epic” but it’s all that comes to mind

1 photo is all you need. Dang this is good!

Frickin’ awesome! If you could use just one picture to show your talent I think this would be it.

You tell that driver who’s boss. Well worth the turn around.

ha. i love freaking out over light. i’m sure that if the driver sees this shot, he’ll understand.

dude, stop being so ridiculous. bananas.

It was worth the turn-around.

oh Jonas, I cannot tell you how excited we get everytime we look at these pages, and to think you’ll be shooting our wedding in a matter of weeks, can’t wait!

Awesome light.. I might see if we can order some in for our wedding next year? hehe

I love the “turn-arounds”.

My wife, on the other hand …

Great shot. Definitely worth it.

That lighting was perfect for them and you that day. Nice captures, Jonas!

Where is this shot? Cairns? Heaven? That light, well you know it, its turn around worthy! :)

Old car, Beautiful sunset, beautiful couple, no matter what the driver thought, the only way you could have gone wrong was by NOT taking that shot…Good grab on this one Jonas!

Even the before/after shot is awesome!

i once saw a beautiful yellow rape-seed field with nice evening light..but i hesitated too long to ask to stop and that moment is gone forever – good thing you didn’t have that same problem – great shot.

So good! Your compositions are amazing!

Incredible. Those little spur-of-the-moment inspirations are some of the best!