{destination wedding} teresa & henrik ~ södertuna castle ~ sweden


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  1. I’m just curious – do you know why they opted for the non Swedish tradition of her father walking her down the aisle?

  2. Jonas, amazing wedding. I really enjoyed it. Such a beautiful vibe of the whole day, and you just do such a stunning job. Well done mate!

  3. Jonas – your work is stellar! Your sense of composition is second to none. Amazing work!

  4. Your storytelling is unrivaled. I so look forward your posts. I have a ritual for them– go full screen, press play on the music, and slowly scroll down, appreciating every single picture. Thanks for sharing Jonas.

  5. ADORE…especially the one where bride is writing while wearing her veil. such a transitive moment.

  6. You know what? Usually I read blogs like yours and I’m thinking about technique and composition and suchlike. And you just reminded me it’s all. about. the emotion.

    I have been pwned in photographs.


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