{preview} nina & craig, bali.

August 3, 2011


I love extraordinary way of seeing…

bali weddings are beautiful. Sensational coverage Jonas.

The table shot rocks! Thumbs up!

Gone are the textures, love it. Keep on rocking the weddingbusiness, I am a weddingphotographer myself and find your work very inspiring. Cheers

Wow I can’t wait to see the rest of these, just gorgeous!

I also love the panocrop, i just made that word up!

Every time i visit this blog i am so inspired! Great!

Beautiful as usual and these frams suite the 16:9 aspect ratio perfectly.

great stuff and very inspirational Jonas..

Lots of moments of love and laughter captured – great work.

A lot of sensibility! Beautiful Preview!

beautiful Preview! I want to see more

Gorgeous- I love the last image :)

Someday I will be as good as you. You have something special! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

Åh, vilka stämningsfulla bilder!

love love love. Such emotion!

Wonderful. Really pleased me and my partner found this site…

beautiful tones as always Jonas. I love these letterbox size images as well. Nice to see something different.

ah lovely. cant wait to see the rest of them!

Simple yet elegant again….Keep them coming, been missing the regular updates of late…

Så vackert ! Fantastiskt fint på buddastatyn – softa sköna färger :)

Bali became a romantic place, good pictures

Heru Sigit Sugiyanto

Bali became a romantic place, good pictures

Heru Sigit Sugiyanto

plummer_raw emotion, they will love these.

amazing. that last shot makes me so happy. every time i visit i am so inspired! thank you.

I just love your work!

You have got great ability to see things which could not be seen at the first look.

All the best!


lovely! I love the detail of the stationary for the table setting! great idea

Wow these photographs look amazing, I can’t wait to see the rest!
I had the best fun creating Nina’s accessories, she’s so lovely and so beautiful. x

The pop-up tree reminds me of Pottermore.

I don’t know if you know this or I have told you this, but your photos have a certain quietness in them, which I love. :)

I adore your work Jonas…I really, really do.

really like the pop out tree for the place settings as a photo and as a general fun concept. Great photography all round. Regards, Roberto.

It was so wonderful working with Nina & Craig on their Bali wedding. Can’t wait to see & re-live the beautiful day through your eyes, Jonas. :)

widescreen=extra awesome

man + leaf picture = awesome.

Lovely and warm. Love the place cards!

Agree, the widescreen crop is great. Fantastiskt fina bilder Jonas!

oh boy… Bali looks so magical…

Your work is so beautiful. I love visiting your blog!

The widescreen crop is brilliant. Love all of these.

This time I didn’t get it.

How perfect! Especially like the photograph of the groom on his own

Love it, great work. Can’t wait for the rest.

Fantastiskt! Vackert! I agree with Luisa: stunning as always!

fantastiska bilder jonas, du vet hur man gör! ;-)
du är as-bra.

stunning as always Mr Peterson!

LOVE IT can’t wait to see the rest!