I’ve always liked this photo from the first wedding I shot. I still shoot a similar shot now and then. But what makes it extra funny today is the fact that the boutonniere is a) on the wrong side and b) upside down.

Now I’ve shot enough weddings to know what to do in most situations and I’m often the go-to guy when it comes to boutonnieres, bow ties and you name it.

And that makes this shot so much more special for me. It’s a time document.

Hello, clueless wedding photographer.

Flower on the wrong side and upside down.

Who knew?

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  1. Hahahaha! This just reminded me of my favorite funny moment of 2009: the groom and his best man spent a good 20 minutes pinning on these spectacularly large and lacy and vulgar and chintzy boutonnieres before someone pointed out that they were actually the mom’s corsages. Beautiful image. :)

  2. My favorite is when something like this happens and I get blamed for it, because ‘doesn’t the wedding photographer know, see, and fix everything’!! Beautiful photo Jonas!

  3. Well, there you go. Sloppy. They’re normally just called button holes here. I’ll change it. Thanks, Regina.

  4. i love this post for 2 reasons – it’s one of my pet peeves when it is on the wrong side!!! and it’s actually a boutonniere, instead of a corsage. lol.

  5. In line with Dennis’ comment – your toilets spin backwards, so why shouldn’t your corsages be on the other side? :^)

    Great picture, great story.

  6. I didn’t even notice! The photo is great and so is the guy on the other photos so it really doesn’t matter;)

  7. Hehe… Great post :) And it gave food for thought to me as I my am about to photograph my first weddings ever in just a couple of weeks :) Thanks for sharing!


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