When this month is over I will be able to breathe again. Promise. I have a lot to blog. A lot.

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  1. Ok, Jonas, then I know:) Thanks. I found out a little more on how to use the grid and such )is that how you do it?)So I think I can figure it out:) Damn me and my laziness:P

  2. Nope, Richard, there’s no easy way. You have to decide what distance you want between your images and then create custom templates in PS.

  3. Sorry to bother you, but I have now idea how to do it in photoshop. I just tried but just realized I will have to cope a lot to do it. I have to make sure the distance between each photo is exactly the same everywhere and I have to calculate so that I make the correct size on the photos when I wanna have three in a row beneath a big one. There gotta be an easier way huh?:P Btw. is it called collage? Beacause I cannot find very much about it on google. Do you have an instant tip on where I can find information?

    I appreciate it a lot.


  4. Now that’s cool! Btw. I have two simple questions; 1. What program do you use to create your collages? 2. What program do you use to create your slide shows?

    I would really appreciate if you let me know:)



  5. Every day I come to your blog for looking for inspiration and it’s always there, right in plain sight. Awesome, Jonas

  6. Brilliant. Even on my little iPhone screen this looks superb. Brilliant location. The way you control exposure is top notch.

  7. This is amazing. If you could create a cool hallway out of thin air, this is probably what you would want it to look like. Where on earth is this?


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