Felicity and Paul. Again.

Much more from this wedding to come. Much. More.


Yep. That is awesome. VSCOFilm or not, that’s a great piece of work. Beautifully spotted and setup.

Smashing! Makes me wanna be there. Looking forward to seeing the rest x

Extraordinary shot. Well done, good sir!

So beautiful, Jonas. You have such a gift.

“whoa.” (that’s what I just said out loud) epic picture.

Amazing! One for Felicity and Paul to treasure forever. The sky is on fire!

Nice one. Needs more Mason Jars though.

just one photo :( more please.

I don’t know how you do it…

What a lovely photo and beautiful location =o)

Killer sky and reflection colors ¡ Woow ¡ I love the simple composition

Wooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stunning!

Loving this pic! It’s like the love is on fire, from both under and over

Wonderful! Simply nothing else to say. :)

Det är inte bra för mitt hjärta att komma in hit och hälsa på dig. Det stannar varje gång!!!

i love the fact that you use natural light and don’t add speedlights, etc. That’s just a personal thing. You don’t use them often right? Only when there ain’t no natural light, right? Aight! :-)

What a gorgeous setting (and photograph)! I really love these colors :)

I cannot WAIT for the rest of this couples wedding!

Absolute respect…

jonas, iam in love.
truely amazing.
andy. <3

That dress is stunning. But the photograph is spectacular. The beautiful colours of the sky just make it perfect.

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That is the most incredible shot – the reflection is stunning.

Awsome, Awesome photo!
Sunset…reflection …..all in one ….awesome!!

Got them skills to pay them bills!

You’re such a tease! Can’t wait to see the rest.

nice shot! did you use filters or anything? cant wait to see the rest!

I love you job angel,compo,sky,tone,reflextion couple greats job jonas

Beautiful and beautifully expressed.

I love this shot. You raise the bar yet again.

beautiful – i particularly love the sun set shot.

I love the light and composition. Great job!

That is an insane sunset. Great shot!