When Tim contacted me a couple of weeks before Christmas I had decided not to shoot anything else in 2009. I was done. After a whirlwind of a year I was ready to spend some time stuffing my face with ham and chocolate. But there was something about Tim’s email. He was desperate. And he called me a saviour. I generally turn down weddings where I don’t get to cover the whole day, but this one was different. Sure, the reception would end at 3pm and the 8am temple ceremony was closed, but it still sounded like a great one to me. My gut feeling told me to go for it.

I flew down the day before and Tim and Kesh picked me up at the airport. We drove around for a couple of hours, talked about Swedish jeans, looked at the venue, temple and possible locations for portraits. I knew we’d have to shoot portraits around noon, which is pretty much the worst time of day to shoot anything in summer in Australia. Not only is the sun hot and unforgiving, the light is harsh and makes my job a lot more difficult. I wanted to filter my light somehow and we found some great spots down in Centennial Park, ironically just a couple of hundred meters from where I used to live in Paddington.

The wedding day was beautiful and even though it was shorter than most weddings I’ve covered, I’m very happy I trusted my gut feeling and went.

Tim and Kesh.

Thank you.

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Dress – Lorraine Bryce

Kesh’s shoes: Juicy Couture

Kesh’s Bow and Tim’s ring: Andrea Santoso

Tim’s suit – We Rob Banks

Tim’s shoes: St&ard

Reception venue – Love Supreme


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i die. these… these are stunning.

Like it! I like it a lot. You know exactly what you’re talking about, exactly where other people are coming from on this issue. I’m glad that I had the fortune to stumble across your blog. It’s definitely an important issue that not enough people are talking about and I’m glad that I got the chance to see all the angles.

i keep coming back to see your pics … amazing

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am going to keep coming back for inspiration, great photos, great colour work, just nice simple stuff excellently executed..

Kan bara säga wow! Blev helt ställd av din stil. Finaste bröllopsbilderna jag någonsin sett, och jag har sett en del!



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The fresh wedding phots finest I’ve ever seen, love the trees – true beauty. I wish I had been there for our wedding phots in New Zealand!

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Well i want to add that Swedish jeans,is very famous among the people,you have made a great collection of your memories.

Your photos are amazing.. I mean this in all honesty it is hard not to stop looking at them. You have talent, really.

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Hey these are really great photos. I enjoyed the feeling of community .

More inspiration for my sole, your work is gorgerous, imaginative and complelling. I love the true to life and vibe it protrays.

I just loved your photography. This is so fine and neat.

Bild 095, kan man få beställa den 70×100 :)) Älskar hur du använder dig av naturen, miljön, grymt.

The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good.

Very nice! what you shoot camera?

Lovely work. I am going to keep coming back for inspiration, great photos, great colour work, just nice simple stuff excellently executed..

another wonderful story, you have captured the different family generations beautifully!

this wedding is beautiful, i love the shots in front of the brick wall.

Love the shot of her looking in the mirror doing her eye make-up. Your reflection shots are so great.

Helt underbara bilder, jag blir lika imponerad varje gång jag ser något av dina verk!

helt underbart, det pirrar i magen bara av att titta på bilderna!

some of those trees are Tolkienesque. really cool.

Man blir ju sugen på att gifta sig när man ser sådana fina bilder!

After seeing these I feel I’d like to get married again… Redo it all, and get proper beautiful pictures to remember the day by.

Helt enkelt fantastiska foton. Verkligen. Fantastiska.

Hittade din sida av en slump, och blev totalt såld på dina underbara bilder!

My comment, 71st under this post, will probably get lost among others, but I just want you to know how much I ADORE what you’re doing! You’re amazing, man! You really are!

Och varför känner man inte dig:-)? Vilka helt fantastiska bilder! Vackraste bilder jag någonsin har sett! Har precis hittat din sida så dessa är de första bilder jag ser men jag är helt förundrad. Och jag är inte någon sådan som brukar kommentera på andras bloggar/hemsidor. Du är otroligt duktig och kommer att gå långt! Ha det bra! Hälsnigar från ett kalls Skåne/Sophie

I love your photos!!! Gorgeous work!!

As the grandmother of the bride I am a little biased but I think these are the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. You do wonderful work. Can’t wait to see the complete set of photos that you took of Kesh and Tim’s wedding. Thank you Jonas.

Lovely couple, lovely photos, lovely wedding! I think the big color shot of them in the field of trees might be might favorite wedding photo ever, seriously!

This is the best photography I have ever seen…

Fantastiska bilder Jonas, jag har plåtat mitt första bröllop, kändes som om någon “popped my cherry” jag vet inte om jag tyckte det var så där sjukt kul… var så jävla spänd på att inte göra bort mig och lyckas ta några bra bilder.

Är inte lätt när man ser upp till någon som du med resultat i vräldsklass, men du är den största inspirationen, och fast jag inte kände mig så bra just när jag plåtade bröllopet så känns det nu som om jag gillade det väldigt mycket.

Fantastiska bilder Jonas.

i think this is one of the most amazing collection of wedding pics i have ever seen! i have only just found you jonas and i am so glad! you are extremely inspirational. thank you =)

I have one of those nerdy photo questions… :) What kind of setup do you prefer when you shoot weddings? The 35mm on one camera (I guess…) and what lens do you most often use on the other?

Wow… Jag blir bara helt mållös.

Like the composition Jonas. Also really good to see a Mormon wedding tastefully captured. Some people find it hard as there are lots of times you can’t take pictures… but it comes across well.

Very nice.

Jonas, you’re so ridiculously talented!!! Gorgeous images!

Det finns ingen som tar så genomtänkta bilder som du. Blir fashinerad varje gång jag besöker din hemsida. När jag städade bibloteket på skolan där jag jobbar såg jag att min favorittidning äntligen kommit i ett nytt ex, blev helt paff när jag såg att även min favorit fotograf var med :D

JagsSka studera ett år i Brisbane, åker om 14 dagar. Ska bli så spännande. Vet du någon fotoskola eller fotokurs man kan gå?
Är det svårt att lära sig hantera shift and tilt objektiv?

Tacksam för svar. MVH Emmy häggkvist

I think it was a smart choice to go with your gut feeling, these photos are absolutely amazing, seriously. But all your photos so far have been amazing.

I’ve wanted to check out this wedding since I saw the image you shared of Kesh. It doesn’t disappoint! Incredible work, beautiful in its simplicity. The images under the canvas of the leaves are almost surreal, so gorgeous!

Wow! Your work is really amazing! Very beautiful photos… If I ever get married in Australia I know who I want shooting my day… :)

You have the seed of part of a future retrospective in this work, and a long distant retrospective may it be. Keep up the fantastic work Jonas, for years to come!

What a creative person you are!! You see the world through a luscious lens. Fantastic!

1.2, I love you, oh I love you, 50 1.2 (it’s a song I wrote about the 1.2 for you). You’re amazing as always and this is different from each and every other wedding of yours I’ve seen. Brilliant.

I had to scroll quite a ways here to leave this comment. That’s probably testament enough but I just wanted to say that the black and white portraits of the two (you’re showing them side by side) are simply breathtaking. Stellar storytelling, here, Jonas!

Beautyful pictures of a beautyful couple! You’ve done it again!

Truly gorgeous. Love it! That little bit of woods makes such a beautiful location. You nailed this – just fab!

Tänkte bara säga att jag tycker det är tråkigt att du har slutat blogga på Ett liv i exil. Har följt dig ett tag och älskar sättet du skriver på. Dina bilder är också helt underbara, hoppas att du fortfarande fotograferar bröllop när jag ska gifta mig någon gång i framtiden!

Wow, these are simply gorgeous! I love your work!

Stunning, your composition always blows me away.

beautiful. i love the feel of the little girl pic, nicely framed.

Fasen va bra du är..

fan-freakin-tastic shots – I’m jazzed to have you recommended by a friend to follow – just awesome work.

you book the coolest couples. Love their attire. The shots in the trees are dreamy LOVE them

Ridiculously beautiful, from beginning to end. The portraits amongst the trees are just mesmerizing!

Jäklar vilka fina bilder!!
och vilkan plats! den allén skulle jag vilja besöka

En liten sak jag tänkte på bara – bilden med brudbuketten.. Det är nånting med den som inte känns bra, jag tror det är vid fingrarna, det blir för “datafixat” ..

Jaja, Superfina bilder i alla fall :D

The most gorgeously cool wedding phots I’ve ever seen,love the trees – truly beaut. wish you’d been there for our wedding phots in NZ!

I’m just completely floored by the beauty of these images. Incredible. You’re one of the best out there, thank you for your contributions.

The bride is oh so beautiful! I wish I could look like her the day I get married. The bow, the dress, the shoes, the happiness in her eyes!

Just wan´t to tell you that I stopped by after getting curious in another blogg ‘Heja Abbe’ where you where mentioned. Now, I found myself still sitting here clicki´n around in your amazing pictures… So very beautiful! Love how you passing by the feeling, how you manage to catch that part-of-a-second-moment in you picture. Great!

Read about ‘The Last Minute with Oden’… doesn´t dare watch it though. Maybe I come back and give it a try.

I coming back, for sure…

Regards/ Helen (from mid-Sweden where todays temperature is below -30 degres Celcius). “God Fortsättning på 2010!”

Så himla bra! Kul att du upptäckte att det går att fånga stämningen även om man inte är med hela dagen! – bara man vet vad man gör, och det vet du!

Jag ville bara säga vilka underbara bilder du har tagit,jag önskar att jag kunde gifta om mig igen.Då hade jag anlitat dig.Men det blir ingen mer gång,jag är lyckligt gift med mannen i mitt liv,vi träffades när vi var 16 och nu är vi 48 år.Tänk 32 år tillsammans,och fortfarande kära…Gud,vilken tur jag haft!!

Oj! Det här är nog det bästa (enligt mig) so far.. Fantastiskt!

Fantastic work Jonas. You’re look seems to get more and more unique with each wedding. I can see why you’re so sought after.

JONAS! You so rocked this! I especially love it because I am LDS and have never seen such a beautifully unique couple walk out of a temple!

A bride that dares to wear booties with her wedding dress. UH – mazing. I hope you know how freaking awesome that is!!!!

PS. I’m a different, significantly more feminine Kyle I’m presume, than the one above :)

As one of your 2009 Brides, I gotta say, this website has become a complete addiction for me. I came to see my own wedding, I’ve stayed ever since to gape at everyone else’s. Another beautiful job Jonas, I can just imagine how over the moon this couple is.

yup, ya pretty much killed it… again. ever think bout taking a break and letting the rest of us catch up?

you don’t know how super thrilled I am to find your website.

while I am no where near getting married, I always love looking at wedding photos, you know how it is for girls!

anyway, most of the “style” that I like are from international photographers, so at least, now I know, that if and when the day comes, I have found the perfect photographer.

p.s if you don’t mind I may do a little feature of you on my blog…. perhaps on my vintage fashion blog


renee xx

Great work, Jonas. I’ve loved following you through out the year! Looking forward to more pics in 2010.

These shots are incredible and some of the best I’ve seen. poignant.
Cheers, Emma

These are beautiful, Jonas. I love the shots with the older woman and the one just below w/ the bride and all the kids.

Amazing. These photos are beautiful. Some of the best of your weddings i’ve seen. And that woman is stunning. Bravo!

I cant wait to see what you come up with next….

I think this is one of your best, seriously! The images are stunning, and you have not just taken photos, the story is there, and the story is beautiful.
So well done, do much professionalism, feeling, love.

You have found your ground, a place for your feet, each and every picture values for that.

thank goodness you said yes, cos i think this is one of my fav weddings of yours!

Fabulous. The forest pictures are breathtaking. Is that HDR?

This couple is the most gorgeous couple in the world! Her dress is incredible and her head piece is brilliant! I am so in LOVE!

What’s left to say? Awesome! You rock my photography world :) Happy New Year… Those park/tree images are sublime

I too am glad you trusted your gut.

LOVE the tree portraits. I, too, am glad you agreed. I have such respect for people who go with their gut feelings and do what they love.

genuinely some of the best wedding stuff i’ve ever come across. found the warm spot between covering a wedding and creating art. from seattle with respect, sergio.

Absolutely fantastic Jonas, poetic loveliness. Huge congratulations to the newlyweds, and all hail you once again for taking such amazing photographs. Just absolutely brilliant, Annabel

wow. incredible portraits! love the ones under the trees.

I love the image of all the boys, first on the sign and then all in a row like a chorus line. Too cute.

killer stuff! the portraits are beyond. I don’t know why but I keep coming back to the one of 4 small boys. It’s such a simple portrait, but I can’t help but be drawn to it. It has a Stand By Me vibe. Those boys need to get together in about 15 years and take the same photo again.

Outstanding Jonas. I really love the way that your processing has evolved over 2009. I look forward to following your weddings in 2010.

Du har verkligen nu hittat DIN stil! Bra jobbat! Man vet nu vad man kan förvänta sig ( på gott och ont)! Se det som ett bevis på att du gör ett ypperligt bra jobb! Kram och Gott Nytt År – älskar dina bilder :-)

There are so many perfect moments here. Shots I’d want blown up huge and plastered all over my house, and then when I ran out of room, on the outside of my house. Really fabulous work, buddy. The couple should be over-the-moon ecstatic about this set!

Wow Jonas, these photos are incredible. The portraits under the trees look unreal. It’s stunning.

Absolutely love all of them, especially the ones by the trees! Fabulous work, as usual!