Film Travels II

I travel a lot. This year I’ve had my family with me on some of my trips, which has been a welcome break to my normal routine. “A table for one” gets very boring in the long run, no matter where you are in the world. In June we left Australia together and we didn’t come back for two months. Here are a few shots from that wonderful journey to Italy, Austria, Sweden, the US and Bali. Most of them are my tourist snaps. All of them are shot with a Contax 645 on Portra 800 film. Scanned by RPL.


music credit: Gotye – Bronte (itunes)

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  2. Wow !!!! Stunning photography !! You sure captured so many beautiful moments.It makes me want to hop a plane and travel again and again and again.
    Thanks for sharing !
    sooooo beautiful

  3. I love stopping by your blog every so often. Your photo’s are always so beautiful to look at, and inspiring..

  4. Great! and thanks for the song credit. Im gonna check them out. only heard learnalilgivinanlovin befor, and love it

  5. The 52nd picture makes me want to listen to “woods” by Bon Iver. Great personal work Jonas, these are beautiful.

  6. I am Nirav Mom. I love your photos. Your boys are cute. Nice to see your family. Also I love your Venice photos. I been there. I love to print venice photo and make frame. I like to see your Bisbane photos. I been also Australia.

  7. Hej Jonas!
    My name is Martina, and I am from Brazil. I’ve lived in Brisbane for 4 year and hanged with swedes all the time. By coincidence i’ve found your worl.
    I come here every now and then to feast myself with your amazing photos. Not kidding… you might be the best photographer I’ve ever seen.
    So I’ve decided to say hello.

    Thanks for filling the world with beauty.
    Kram, Martina

  8. I have heard that music inspires your photography. Well I wouldn’t even know how to photograph a duck, but your PHOTOGRAPHY inspires my MUSIC. Thank you Jonas and God bless you and your family.

  9. Oh my goodness, are your kids cute! I love both of the boats on the water, the beach with your wife & son and that little chic in the sunshine. You must’ve crept & held your breath to not have scared it away. That’s magic.

  10. Nirav, I don’t know why you were surprised to see that myself and my lobster made the cut … clearly it is because Jonas loves me as much as he loves his children. Seriously, I can’t explain how much I miss you guys. Jonas, these are spectacular.

  11. Viewing your photos of Bali makes my heart hurt for a time, years ago, when I lived in cities just like that around the world. Love their way of life.

  12. breathtaking…and thank you for always sharing your tasteful music. you know the transporting power of engaging all our senses simultaneously!

  13. What a feast. Love to see your personal work (especially as I’m a fan of your work as opposed to someone looking to hire a wedding photographer). As someone who’s just starting to get into photography and trying his best not to suck, it’s interesting and inspirational to see what you decide to shoot, and then how you actually take the shot.

  14. Du är makalöst bra! Varje bild, vilket motiv det än må vara, är fantastiskt. Du inspirerar mig hela tiden. Sluta aldrig att fotografera.

  15. Sometimes I think “Jonas is not that great…..just a rockstar photographer”. Then I realise that you are a pretty special photographer. I shoot most of my family stuff on film too and wish they turned this awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. I love your photos of your visit to Indonesia (was it Bali?). The lighting was magnificent. It reminded me of my own hometown and my Grandma’s house. And your son is so cute!!

  17. Also, your kids are going to one day say, “I don’t know what my dad did for a living, but he did love to take pictures.”

  18. When I saw your FB post, I clapped :)

    Such a treat, sir. Thanks. And I don’t know what you’re talking about – you shoot film beautifully :)

  19. Forget digital Jonas. I’ve admired your work for some time and this latest post has me believe that your photography to post-processing ratio is like 100:1. Just beautiful.

  20. How wonderful that your family gets to experience all of these marvelous places with you. It must make seeing the sites even more beautiful for you :) Your kids are getting the best kind of education there is: discovering the world in person, and not through some textbook. Yay!

  21. let me be the first then. just so happen to have JONSI*ALEX in my hears as I view these and my goodness, so so beautiful! everything i love about images. thank you.

  22. That read little head of yours… makes those pictures even more colorful. Priceless moments, unforgettable trips and just amazing shots! Greeting from Colombia.


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